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The Warrior Weekly
Volume 2, Issue 25
March 4, 2010

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APPlying Himself
Brandon Shaw
Middle School Student is Designing the Apps
Apple Inc. has over 35,000 different iPhone applications and games available to download through its iTunes software. Some of the apps are developed by big-name companies such as Electronic Arts and Rockstar Games. Others, however, are designed by a new generation of developers like Lakehill eighth grade student Brandon Shaw.
Brandon began designing apps last year, all while juggling the academics, athletics, and activities of a busy fourteen year old. Brandon taught himself how to use the application development process, seeking ideas and guidance from a network of kids all over the world who shared the same passion. Although his first three apps were not accepted, Brandon kept trying. His persistence paid off, and his first app hit the market on February 2. Called Growing Tree, the app enables users to watch a tree grow in front of their eyes while soothing music plays in the background. After just a month on the market, over 2,000 people have already downloaded the free app.
Encouraged by his success, Brandon kept designing. His second app, Solo Drumming, became available on February 17. Users are able to play the drums with a first person view. "It feels like you are actually playing the drums," explains Brandon. "No other drum app can do this. It's like you are up on stage playing a song for a live crowd." Brandon says that the app is perfect for both the experienced drummer and the person who wants to learn. The app, which has received a five star rating from customers, sells for 99 cents. Shaw, who keeps 70 percent of each sale, says that while he designs for enjoyment, making some money is an added bonus.
Brandon does all the coding himself and recently started a company called Brandflake Apps to support his growing business. He says the most difficult aspect of his latest project was actually making the pictures of the drum, which he drew completely by hand. "That part was really time consuming," he said. "Coding the app isn't really difficult, once you get the hang of it."
Lakehill computer teacher Bill Dunklau was impressed to learn that Shaw pulled off this high-tech feat. "The fact that he doesn't get discouraged once he puts it out there is so important," said. Dunklau. "It really seems to energize him--as soon as he finishes one app he is ready to do another. That is a sign of a successful inventor."
Just yesterday, Shaw got word from Apple that one of his ideas had been turned down. "That's all right," he explained, "I developed two more last weekend."

As for his advice to others who want to try developing an app of their own? "Practice a lot," he says. "And just know that it takes time."
Friends, Romans, Countrymen
Roman BanquetSeventh and Eighth Grade Students Enjoy Traditional Roman Banquet

If you were a 7th or 8th grade student at Lakehill, you would confirm that the heart of Latin lives - especially on February 19, as 80 Latin students traveled to Stratos Global Taverna to experience a Roman Banquet close to what they might have enjoyed in Julius Caesar's time. Shouts of carpe diem filled the air as they climbed into their modern chariots proudly dressed in authentic Roman attire - tunica and togas for the boys, stolas and pallas for the girls.
Rows of tables simulating an ancient Roman dining room welcomed the hungry guests to a meal of mouth-watering chicken souvlaki, tantalizing pita bread with sauces, and Mediterranean-inspired rice along with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. The feast ended with baklava, a Greek dessert featuring flaky pastry, honey, and nuts very similar to what the Romans would have enjoyed.
The fun continued as students enjoyed a costume contest and tested their knowledge with a Roman and Latin Bingo game. Students gathered for a group photo with event co-sponsors Katie Becker and Victoria John as their day in ancient Rome came to a close.

Classroom Connections
African Foods Day
Fifth grade students in Bryna Thomson's Geography class recently enjoyed a delicious wrap up to their lessons. As a culmination to their unit on Sub-Saharan Africa, students were asked to prepare a dish representative of one of the countries they had studied.

Students explored various websites and cookbooks to select their recipes. They were required to prepare the dishes themselves, with parent supervision. African Foods Day is typically held on the day following Parent-Teacher Conferences, so that students have a free day to plan and prepare their meals.

The students gathered in the cafeteria to share their dishes. Trapp Hawthorne served up his Fish Head Soup, which originates in Mozambique, while ensuring others that the fish heads had been removed. Charlie Pippen presented a classic chicken and okra dish from Nigeria known as Chicken Imoyo. Spencer Gatreaux said that although he had some trouble finding the ostrich meat for his Ostrich Hash, his efforts paid off with delicious results.
Sports Snippets
Lakehill Spring Classic Offers a One-of-a-Kind Event
SarahSoftball The Lakehill Preparatory School Varsity Baseball and Varsity Softball Teams hosted the Lakehill Spring Classic on Thursday, February 25 through Saturday, February 27 at Lakehill's Warrior Athletic Complex. This one-of-a-kind tournament, with both softball and baseball in the same venue, brought 16 teams from around the region to complete in the three-day event. 
Lakehill's Lady Warriors Softball team was strong both offensively and defensively throughout the tournament. In the first game, the Lady Warriors outhit and outran their opponents, Greenville Christian, by a staggering score of 14-2. The Lady Warriors took down Fort Worth Calvary in the second game, 8-0. Ovilla ended Lakehill's winning streak, as they defeated the Lady Warriors in the finals, 0-6.
The team was led by Amanda Boles, who batted .820 with a double, a triple, and a homerun, and Eleni Wilsman, who batted .810. Sarah Baker pitched for the Lady Warriors, throwing 20 strike outs and giving up only two earned runs.
In baseball, the Warriors started off the tournament with a 3-2 win over Fort Worth Calvary. In their second game, Lakehill lost to Bethesda 1-6. Again Ovilla put a cramp in Lakehill's plans, as they edged out the Warriors 5-6 in the third place game.
Chris Good pitched the first game and had 11 strike outs in 5 innings. Austin Simpson and Joshua Wood pitched in the second and third games. Andrew Shaw batted .500 in the tournament and Chris Good batted .333. Kurt Norman added a double and one RBI.
View the complete Athletic Calendar here.
What's Happening?
March 5

National Latin Exam - 1st period

March 5
Thespian Society Induction at the ESC; 7:00pm; Reception following.

 The International Thespian Society will induct 10 new members at this annual ceremony, while celebrating the accomplishments of 11 senior troupe members.

March 6
Lakehill Benefit Auction, Groovin' in the Garden;
6:00pm - midnight

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March 8 - 11
Middle School Adventure Week

March 12
No classes for Middle School 

March 15 - 19
Spring Break - no classes

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