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Issue: #21 February 5, 2009
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Drama Club Performs Riggs' 20th Play
Drama Club.1When Julie Riggs started Lakehill's Drama Club eight years ago, she had a hunch that fifth and sixth grade students would love the opportunity to perform. Her hunch was right, and because of the high level of participation she has divided the Club into a fall group and a spring group, usually holding performances in January and April.
Shortly after the inception of the drama club, Riggs began writing her own plays, customizing them for the kids she had in her club. She has now done this 20 times. Three of her plays have been published by Brooklyn Publishers, and two have been performed, one in Colorado and one in Canada.
Riggs is adept at crafting plays kids will enjoy, focusing on whatever is hip and popular. She asks for student ideas about the types of roles they would enjoy, and then writes a pilot script and holds auditions. Riggs explains, "The script becomes a kind of balancing act based on giving kids their fair share of the action either in one large role or at least two smaller ones. This sometimes makes for unwieldy and improbable plots, but the kids are happy."
Riggs' 20th play, Future Tense(ion): Adventures in the Frontiers of Time and Space, was performed by an all fifth grade cast on Thursday, January 29. A science fiction time travel spoof, the characters were based on Star Trek and Doctor Who. Cast members included Attiyya Fortune, Abby Kieker, Mark George, Natalie Guess, Katie Duke, Charlie Whisnant, Karl Sheeran
Elliott Jacobsen, Zach Kern, Kas Tebbets, Cammie Ormsby, Vincent Greene, and Kyra Wilmes. Seventh grade student Cameron Gavinski served as Riggs' assistant.
Color Wars Build Spirit and Unity
Color Wars  The week of January 19 marked Lakehill's first-ever Color Wars celebration. The event was initiated by the Student Council as a means of strengthening school spirit and class unity through a variety of fun events. It was scheduled to coincide with the Warriors Basketball season, serving as a Spirit Week for our basketball teams.  Colors Wars featured an array of activities designed to showcase a wide variety of talents. From the artist to the athlete, all Upper School students were able to participate.
The Color Wars kickoff began on Tuesday with blind basketball, a challenging event that called for students to try to make as many baskets as possible during the allotted time, all, of course, while blindfolded. Continuing throughout the week, each consecutive day featured activities that joined each Upper School class together as a team to compete against the other grades.
Points were tallied as the contests continued throughout the week. Athletic pursuits ranged from blind basketball and capture the flag to tug-of-war and relay races. Everyone could participate in contests like Name that Baby, a game requiring contestants to identify baby pictures of Lakehill basketball players, as well as Teacher Trivia, and Pictionary. And what class contest would be complete without a good old-fashioned pie eating contest?
Students received points for attending athletic events all week. By the end of the week, the score was so close between the classes that attendance at Saturday's basketball games was the ultimate decider. In the final outcome, the seniors came out on top, followed by the freshmen, juniors, and sophomores.  The winning class was announced at the culminating event, a neon-themed dance held on Saturday night in the Lakehill Student Commons.
"We really tried to promote class unity and our basketball teams and to get people involved and excited," Student Council sponsor Kaye Hauschild said. "It was a great effort between Student Council, the athletic department, and class sponsors. Color Wars was just a great way for all of us to take pride in Lakehill."
My Turn Day
My Turn DayKidd Kraddock, radio personality on KISS FM, is ready for people to stop talking and start doing. That is the motto behind his idea that spawned My Turn Day. Kraddock was inspired by our new President's challenge to be part of positive change in our nation, by getting involved in volunteer projects in our community. He listened to the message and wondered, "What if."

"What if you woke up one morning, and you were flooded with messages from people you know...all talking about the same thing? On your cell phone, on your Facebook and Myspace, on Twitter and Linked-in, in your email and on your instant messenger, virtually everywhere you turned, you saw a message about yet another American giving their time to a great cause. Think of the statement that could make."

According to the My Turn website, on February 10, it's your turn to announce to the world exactly what you're doing to serve your community. You blog it, text it, email it, twitter it, webcam it, maybe even write it on the back window of your car. Let the world know exactly what you're DOING. Chances are, all those messages will inspire others to serve too.

For one single day, America will unite in a single cause, and Lakehill faculty, students, and their families are encouraged to participate. February 10 is a day of announcement. It is not the day you have to actually volunteer or do the work. It is simply the day you announce what it is you are committed to doing. It doesn't matter whether you pledge to work in a homeless shelter, drive an elderly neighbor to a doctor's appointment, or clean a local park--just do something. Then make it official. Call the organization or go to their website and sign up. 

1. Figure out what you want to do to help your community.
2. Make the formal arrangements to get it done.
3. On February 10th announce your plan to the world.

Click here to let me know what you are doing. If you are involved with a cause and could use volunteers, let me know that, too!

According to Kraddock, "We can't institute change by just TALKING ABOUT IT. It's time to start doing."  Spread the word.
Testing the Water
Waste WaterThe Environmental Technology Club (EnviTechClub) is open to students in grades eight to twelve. Sponsored by Dr. Onabajo, the Club meets weekly after school to explore topics such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, water management in homes, pollution control, and wastewater treatment technology.
In January, club members were able to participate in a project on the treatment of wastewater sludge. The objectives were to remove suspended solids, dissolved solids/chemicals, pathogens, and other biological organisms and to produce an effluent that is safe to be discharged into lakes and rivers. To conduct their experiment, students collected run-off wastewater from the roof of a home and transferred it to the Lakehill lab. The treatment process involves removing the grit and debris from the sample of water, adding some chemicals to condition the water so that it can be disinfected, and then reusing the water. The Environmental Technology Club has the equipment, materials, and the knowledge to analyze the final product and determine how "green" it really is.

Some might ask why go to all this trouble? The answer is simple. Wastewater can be a danger if not treated properly. With the "nudge" toward green, the treatment of wastewater is coming to the forefront as schools, scientific researchers, and the EPA make sure that it is treated properly for reuse by all.
basketball Varsity Boys' Basketball
February 6
Lakehill at Dallas Lutheran; 7:30pm
Varsity Girls' Basketball

February 6
Lakehill at Dallas Lutheran; 6:00pm
JV Boys' Basketball
February 6
Lakehill at Dallas Lutheran; 4:30pm

Middle School Boys' Basketball
Lakehill lost a heartbreaker to St. John's on Monday, 59-56, to end a winning season 10-4 (5-3 in district).

Middle School Girls' Basketball
Lakehill played the best game of the season, but lost by four points to Levine in the first round of the TAPPS Middle School playoffs.

Mixed Tennis Tennis
February 10
Lakehill at Prince of Peace - 3:00pm
February 17
Lakehill at Ovilla Christian - 3:00pm
February 5
Senior Day Assembly - 1:45pm
Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments and memories of Lakehill's Class of 2009. Parents are invited to attend.
Everyone is invited to wear their favorite college sweatshirt or t-shirt and JEANS in honor of Senior Day!

February 6
Fourth Grade Mini-Musical - 1:30pm
"Shh! We're Writing the Constitution"  is a mini-musical performed by fourth graders for grades K-4 and parents in the auditorium. This play, which coincides with the fourth grade American History unit, focuses on the trials and tribulations of the states' delegates, including secrecy, hot weather, and distrust among themselves. 

February 10
Admission Preview - 9:30am
Admission Previews provide an in-depth overview for prospective parents considering a Lakehill education for their children. To reserve a place at one of the Admission Previews, please contact the Office of Admission at 214-826-2931 or email [email protected].

February 10

PFC Speaker Series - 7:30pm
The Lakehill Parent Faculty Club (PFC) Speaker Series presents "Ice and Fire: Social Aggression" by Marion K. Underwood, Ph.D. on Tuesday, February 10 at 7:30 pm in the Wyly Auditorium. Dr. Underwood is a professor in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at The University of Texas at Dallas. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, bullying-both social and physical-is a serious problem for today's children. It goes beyond "kids being kids" and has serious repercussions for everyone involved. Even in an environment as nurturing as Lakehill, at some point in your child's life, he or she may be exposed to bullying, including socially aggressive behaviors like gossip, friendship manipulation, and social exclusion. Join us as Dr. Underwood guides us in learning how to help our children deal with such problematic situations. Free child care for children ages 5-12 will be provided in the Lower School Library during the discussion. If you would like to reserve a child care spot, please contact Tina Simpson.

February 17
College Night for Freshmen - 6:00pm
Mrs. Dondis will discuss PSAT scores as well as introduce topics related to the college process itself.  All freshmen and their parents are encouraged to attend. Sophomores and their families who missed their meeting may also attend.

Leading to success.