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Issue: #19 January 22, 2009
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Kendall Students Compete in Annual Spelling Bee
What do you get when you combine physique with mediocre? If you're like Kendall Smaby, you get a winning combination of words.
In the spirit of friendly competition, Lakehill Preparatory School held its fourth annual Spelling Bee Competition on Tuesday, January 20. Lakehill's fourth through eighth grade students were eligible to compete in the bee. Spelling lists became available in October, and students were encouraged to study on their own. Each year students from all over the country compete for the chance to represent their school and community in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.
Private schools like Lakehill have their own track for competing within Dallas County, and Kendall will be competing against winners from other private schools within the next six weeks.  In addition to the recognition and awards received by the winners, all students broaden their vocabularies during the word-study process. This year, over 70 Lakehill students took part in the bee.
After several rounds, sixth grader Kendall won the bee for the second year in a row, with seventh grader Cameron Gavinski placing second. Eighth grader Sterling Gavinski, brother of Cameron, took third place.  Bowing out in fourth place was Katie Duke, the last of the fifth grade challengers, while the last fourth grade student to remain in the competition was Marion Humphreys.

"I am very proud of all of our students who competed in the spelling bee," says bee organizer Julie Riggs. "No one can easily learn all seven hundred words in the Scripps spelling book. It is obvious that some of them study very hard to master unfamiliar terms while others trust their instincts and general knowledge of spelling. It is especially exciting when a student succeeds with a combination of knowledge and intuition." 

Smaby says she studied her spelling lists faithfully to prepare for the bee, and watched the movie Akeelah and the Bee for an extra dose of motivation. Like the heroine in the film, Smaby has always had a love for words. Who knows, that love of words might take her, like Akeelah in the film, all the way to the National Spelling Bee.
International Thespian Society Inducts New Members
ThespiansThe Educational Theater Association (EdTA) is the professional association for theater education. The International Thespian Society, the student division, is the world's largest honor society for theatre arts students. Together, the EdTA and the International Thespian Society have been helping to build strong school theater programs for 80 years.
Lakehill Preparatory School Troupe 7058 inducted 17 new members into its International Thespian Society chapter in a ceremony held on January 15 in the Charles J. Wyly, Jr. Auditorium. This was the fourth induction ceremony for the Troupe since it was chartered in the fall of 2006.  
Elizabeth Schmitt, Troupe co-director, welcomed students, family, and friends to the ceremony. Headmaster Roger Perry spoke briefly of the importance and value of sharing a story with others to bring about an emotion. He applauded the lessons that are taught through theater, both through the "escape" and the "reality."
Thespian membership is granted for the demonstration of a commitment to excellence in theatre arts. To become a Thespian, a student must participate in two productions at their school and have a minimum 100 hours of work in the theater. After Thespians have attained membership, further recognition for their outstanding work in theatre arts may be indicated by awarding stars and wearing honor cords at graduation.
Student inductees were: Maya Booker, Victoria Collins, Katherine Crocker, Laura Domaschk, Kathleen Evans, Kate Fosha, Mandi Fox, Alison Hanson, Brian McElrath, Aleyna Mason, Sydney Moore, Cally Pope, Amanda Rasbury, Nia Rasheed, Arder Stringer, Leia Unger, and Eleni Wilsmann. The work of these 17 students represented more than 2500 hours of work in the theater. These students proudly joined 16 other Lakehill students in Troupe 7058. Lakehill also boasts four student honor thespians, who have each garnered 500 - 700 extra hours of theater work.
Annual Adornment Latin Tree
The ancient Roman holiday, Saturnalia, originally commemorating the Roman god Saturn and the bounty of the harvest, is re-enacted annually in Lakehill's 7th and 8th grade Latin classes with creative art, food, and musical merriment. For the festivities in December, each student creates an ancient Roman or Greek artifact and ceremoniously hangs it on the "official Saturnalia bush," the ficus benjamina, which has endured for over nine years in its present habitat in room 207. The total number of colorful mythological or legendary ornaments has reached over 700 and remains a much-anticipated Latin class tradition. Lakehill Latin alumni often visit room 207 not only to share their present experiences but also to catch a glimpse of the current Saturnalia ornamentation adorning the tree.
basketball Varsity Boys' Basketball
January 22
Lakehill at Brook Hill; 7:30pm
January 24
Lakehill vs. Shelton; 3:00pm
Varsity Girls' Basketball

January 22
Lakehill at Brook Hill; 6:00pm
January 24
Lakehill vs. Shelton; 1:30pm
JV Boys' Basketball
January 22
Lakehill at Brook Hill; 4:30pm
January 24
Lakehill vs. Shelton; 12:00 noon

Middle School Boys' Basketball
January 22
Lakehill at Prince of Peace - 5:30pm
January 26
Lakehill at Levine - 5:30pm
January 27
Lakehill at Inspired Vision - blue - 6:00pm

Middle School Girls' Basketball

January 22
Lakehill at Prince of Peace - 4:30pm
January 26
Lakehill at Levine - 4:30pm
January 27
Lakehill at Inspired Vision - blue - 5:00pm
January 24
Crowning of Basketball Beau and Sweetheart -
between girls and boys games

January 24
Upper School Dance
8:30 - 11:30pm

January 27

Drama Club Play - 3:30pm
Join Ms. Riggs and her 5th grade cast on Tuesday, January 27 as they perform Future Tense(ion): Adventures in the Frontiers of Time and Space. The play, an original work written by Riggs, is a science fiction time travel spoof with characters based on Star Trek and Dr Who. In the play, the Instigator, disguised as a crew member, begins pulling historical figures from time in order to disrupt history. Some of the crew begin to disappear as the lines of their history change. The Instigator tries to persuade some historical figures to refuse to return or to take back weapons and information with which to change history, but the Professor joins forces with the crew and with the help of Marie Curie and the bravery of Martin Luther King, Jr. puts everything back as it should be. The play will be staged at 3:30pm in the auditorium.

Don't Miss These College Night Presentations!
January 29 - 6:00pm
College Night for Sophomores
Mrs. Dondis will discuss PSAT scores as well as introduce topics related to the college process itself.  All sophomores and their parents are encouraged to attend.
February 17 - 6:00pm
College Night for Freshmen
Mrs. Dondis will discuss PSAT scores as well as introduce topics related to the college process itself.  All freshmen and their parents are encouraged to attend.
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