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Email is widely accepted as valid documentation of agreements, contracts, invoices, orders and approvals. Email is also a historical chronicle that effectively comprises the company's memory. It may seem as if your email is already on your computer, because that's where you look at it. But most of your email lives on an email server until you move it. Archiving email is not the same as backing up your computer. To ensure that you don't lose them, we recommend that you archive your email messages. 


Your company might want to require secure long-term storage of email communications, which have become key business assets. For business continuity and disaster recovery, your organization should be able to access its complete message record even when its mail servers or local data systems become unavailable. When you store email on your server it is outside of Exchange but it is still backed up. 


If you keep getting a nagging message about archiving your emails, it is OK to go ahead and do it. Does your IT provider have your email set up to give you a message when it is time to archive? If you're not sure or have questions, please give me a call or an email.

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