Fraud Alerts & Safety Tips
February 2012 

Loan Modification Scams Are Targeting Homeowners

Several mortgage customers of The Peoples Community Bank have reported receiving numerous offers from companies offering to lower their interest rate, modify their payment schedule and/or reduce their monthly payment.


These companies obtain your information from public sources.  Their goal is likely to get you to commit to their service, then charge you hidden, hefty fees in return.  One common letter has been coming from the "Loan Payment Administration."


If you are a mortgage customer and receive such a letter, proceed with caution.  We urge you to contact your lender before committing to any restructuring of your current mortgage.

Watch for Shipping Scams from FedEx, UPS and

Several "shipping confirmation" e-mail scams are circling.  Typically, these emails notify you that a particular item of value has been shipped to you, and that you need to click on a link to verify your shipping information.

For example, the subject line of the email might read:  "Subject: Your order of "Panasonic DMP-XDF9E4 Integrated-Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player" has shipped!"

As a reminder, unless you or someone you know placed the merchandise order, do not click on any links within the email.  Exercise caution and use good judgment when you notice a shipment confirmation for a product you don't remember ordering.  These links are malicious attempts to load spyware and other viruses onto your computer.  Please be careful.

Starbucks Giveaways Can Be Dangerous

Although Starbucks will sometimes send their customers promotional emails, be careful of opening e-mails labeled "Starbucks Giveaways".  Some of these have proven to be spam and can infect your computer.


As a reminder, unless you are familiar with the company offering the promotional giveaway, and trust the source, you should not open the e-mail message. Do not click on these links.  Instead, just delete the email immediately.



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