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Issue: 1 January 11, 2008
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Spring Training Checklist
Indoor Cycling Tips
Bicycle Maintenance Classes
Throw a Pink Sweetheart Pajama Party for Valentine's Day!
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Happy New Year!
Scott Cowan Greetings! 
Welcome to the first edition of our new and improved eNewsletter! We hope that you find this new format useful and enjoyable.
In this issue, you'll find tips and discounts to help you stay in shape during these cold-weather months, as well as help get you and your bike ready for the Spring season to come.
If there is anything that we can do to help you enjoy your cycling as much as possible, please do not hesitate to call to talk to me or any of our expert staff. As Your Hometown Bicycle Store, we are pledged to provide top-notch service to all of our customers, regardless of budget or ability.

Scott Cowan, Owner
Century Cycles
Spring Training Postcard ImageSpring Training Checklist: Get ready to ride! 
  • Schedule A Bike Tune-Up - Make sure your trusty steed is ready to roll when you (and the weather) are ready.
  • Re-assess Your Bike Needs - After years of mountain biking, are you itching to go fast on pavement? Or maybe you plan to commute by bike when it warms up. Test ride the new bike styles and find the one that's right for you.
  • Don't Let The Weather Stop Your Riding - Ride Indoors! We've got the spinning shoes and gear you need. Or try a trainer, which mimics the experience of riding outside in the comfort of your own home.
  • Update Your Gear - How old is your helmet? Experts recommend replacing it every three years. And the pad in your old cycling shorts has probably seen better days, too!
  • Calling All Family Members - Prepare now to ride together all summer long! For toddlers and preschoolers, check out our trailers and tagalongs. We can also tune up your kids' bikes, or fit them for the next size up.

To help you with these and the items on your own own cycling checklist, print out and bring in the coupons below for plenty of great pre-season bargains! You can also find these coupons on our web site.

Indoor Cycling Tips 
Shimano MT31 ShoeDuring the winter months, many cyclists turn to Spinning classes at their local gym to stay in shape.
DID YOU KNOW? The pedals on most gyms' Spinning bikes are compatible with standard cycling shoes. Many give you the option of using toe straps to hold your foot in place, or the click-in system.
Even if you prefer the toe straps, cycling shoes give you an advantage over regular sneakers because their stiffer soles provide a more efficient transfer of power from your leg muscles to the pedals. The click-in system allows you to apply power throughout the full circle of your pedal stroke, providing even more efficiency and a smoother, better workout.
We carry a full selection of cycling shoes, including several models that will look and feel at home in your gym, such as the Shimano SH-MT31 ($69.99) pictured here. If you are ready to make the jump to click-in pedaling, we can help you select the right pair of shoes, and install the cleats on the shoes for you. Then, we can let you try them out on one of our indoor trainers, so that you can get used to the feeling of clicking in and out of the pedals in a safe, stable environment.
Maintenance class photo from Rocky River in 2007Bicycle Maintenance Classes
We have already started the first of our Bicycle Maintenance Classes for this season. However, there are still time and spaces available for you to sign up!
You get to work on YOUR OWN BIKE in our classes. Learning how to work on your bike is a great way to save money and time on future repairs. Even if you don't plan to do major repair work on your own, learning about your bike's inner workings can help improve your riding skills and give you more confidence when out on the road or trail.
We offer classes for Basic Maintenance, Tune-Ups, Overhaul, and Wheel Building. You can sign up online, or call any of our stores!
Electra Pink Sweetheart Pajama PartyThrow a Pink Sweetheart Pajama Party for Valentine's Day!
If you're looking for something different for Valentine's Day and your sweetie loves hearts, why not give her a bicycle covered in them? The Electra Pink Sweetheart Pajama Party ($519.99) is a valentine on wheels that will be fun to ride for years to come.
A cruiser-style bike, the Electra Pink Sweetheart Pajama Party has hand-applied, wrap-around red and white hearts on the frame, fork, fenders, rims, chain guard, saddle, grips, and even on the ding-dong bell. It features swoop café handlebars, a lightweight aluminum frame, and colored powder-coated aluminum rims, plus a three-speed "twist" shifter and coaster brakes.
Electra's cruiser designs aren't just about stylish good looks. Electra Bicycle Company has spent the past 14 years perfecting the cruiser, not only with groundbreaking graphic design, but also with innovative frame geometry that provides a more comfortable and efficient ride.
Define Your life. Ride a bike. (tm)
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A drivetrain cleaning removes the old grease, gunk, and grime from your chain and gears, to ensure longer life and smoother operation of your drivetrain components.
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