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Armoroc structural cement board (cbpb) can be used in floors, roofs,& walls.

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GeoBoard is a decorative cement board for interiors & exteriors  more info


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Ameriform, your source for structural & decorative cement board, is pleased to announce these exciting updates.  

7 New UL Floor/Ceiling Assemblies
Armoroc Floor Assemblies
New UL Floor Assemblies

Ameriform is excited to release 7 new UL listed floor/ceiling assemblies for Armoroc structural cement board.  Assemblies include a variety of joists manufactured by Marino/WARE (JoistRite), ClarkDietrich (TradeReady), Total Joist (iSpan) and wood TJI.  If you are looking for a lightweight, cost effective alternative to poured concrete for your 1 hour floor design, consider using ARMOROC.  
GeoBoard - Decorative Cement Board 
GeoBoard Rainscreen
GeoBoard Rainscreen

GeoBoard is a decorative cement board used as both an exterior rain-screen cladding and an interior accent panel. 

Grey in color, GeoBoard offers a contemporary look and feel to your project and allows the end user the flexibility to apply color or choose from a variety of fastening systems

By selecting GeoBoard you are able to achieve a modern look at a fraction the cost of other, more expensive rain-screen systems. 

HEPA Dust Extraction 
Festool Hepa Dust Extraction
Festool Hepa Dust Extraction

Ameriform recommends the use of the Festool CT Hepa Dust Extractor when cutting cement board in an enclosed area.  Not only does it eliminate nearly 100% of the dust, but it is also certified by the EPA.  You can combine the Dust Extractors with a variety of tools, including track saws, to create a professional cutting system that will speed up your job, minimize clean-up costs and save you money! 

Thank you for your interest in Ameriform and our family of cement board products.  CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A QUOTE!




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