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structural cement board for floors, roofs,& walls.

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decorative cement board for interiors & exteriors  more info


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Ameriform AIA 2012
Ameriform thanks you for visiting our booth at the AIA 2012 Convention in Washington DC.  
To receive additional information about Armoroc structural cement board (fire-rated floor, roof and wall assemblies) and GeoBoard (decorative cement board for exteriors/interiors) please contact us at 508-429-1470, or email us at  We are happy to send additional info, testing, pricing and samples, or answer any questions about upcoming projects.      
Armoroc Walls & Roofs
Armoroc Structural Cement Board

Armoroc is a structural cement board used in fire-rated floors, roofs & walls.  Armoroc installs using carpentry tools & equipment and is a cost effective alternative to pouring concrete.  Accepts most finishes.   

GeoBoard - Decorative Cement Board
Armoroc GeoBarn

GeoBoard is a decorative cement board used for exterior rain screen cladding, interior decorative wall cladding, trims, soffits, etc.  GeoBoard offers a contemporary feel of natural portland cement and is a cost-effective alternative to similar products.  
Thank you for your interest in Ameriform and our family of cement board products.  CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A QUOTE!




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