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A Golden Opportunity for Real Change
The beginning of a year seems to be a catalyst for starting new ventures, new commitments, and changes that help us be better or live better.
A friend sent me this great quote as the new year began. and I would like to share that quote with you (grammatically correct or not ... here it is):
"To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did" (author unknown).
As you begin or continue the process of setting your personal and professional goals, keep in mind, if you really want something different, you are going to have to do something different. Check out the article on increasing your self-confidence.  See if this is an area for improvement that may help you reach all your goals in 2010. Have a great year.
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Dr. B
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                             Self-Confidence in 2010
Self-confidence is one's assessment of their own self-worth, and it is what allows you to take risks. As a self-confident person, I know if something goes wrong, my good self-confidence will help me make things right. Self-confidence is based in reality rather than as "pie-in-the-sky" or wishful thinking. A track record of success and accomplishment breeds more confidence, therefore, being prepared, having sound knowledge, wisdom and realistic expectations are the building blocks for developing self-confidence
So how does one go about increasing self-confidence? First, keep in mind, like most measures that lead to genuine change, increasing self-confidence is a process. You cannot be inconsistent or impatient. One way to begin the process is by asking and answering the following questions:
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Take the Self Confidence Test for Women
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(used with permission from the author, Allison Finch,

Founder and Creator of
Given the enormous challenges many women have with self-confidence  and self-esteem, this assessment was designed for women. I encourage all of my women readers to take the assessment to see where you land on the self-confidence scale. If you know of other readers who would benefit from this assessment, please pass it on.
Men, I will continue looking for resources designed especially for you. As of this newsletter, I have not found resources, on this subject, that are readily available just for men.
Dr. B

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