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I am personally inviting you to join me on Twitter.  This social network minmizes how much you can say (smile) so you have to work a bit on being profound which most of you will have no problem. twitter logo
The benefits of participating in this type of social network are:
  • Profound quotes you may use
  • Idea generation
  • Test responses to concerns
  • See how others think and feel about current trends
To take a minute andsign up to "follow me" on Twitter, click here.
Talk on Dr. B's Blog
Dr. B's BlogBlogs "weblogs" are a great way to get into conversations that might otherwise be difficult face to face. Conversations on blogs (which are monitored by me) allow you to express your opionions on topics that are relevant to the workplace. Dr. B's blog is dedicated to dealing with workplace issues as a way to provide:
  • Insights
  • A way to share solutions
  • Opportunities to be heard
  • A venue to read other's perspectives
  • A track to follow future trends that may be useful to you
Take some time to contribute your opinions on today's workplace issues. Keep in mind, even if you don't have all the answers, someone else may be able to contribute to your thinking and isn't that what we all want?
I am looking forward to hearing from you at Dr. B's BLOG.
Dr. B 

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Step Up to Success© is an organization and leadership consultancy that will help your organization accomplish your ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT goals including your DIVERSITY and INCLUSION objectives. Our training programs are specifically designed to help organizations overcome barriers to profitability by enhancing: 

  • Inclusion and retention strategies
  • Commitment to leader led goals
  • The release of motivational energies
  • Ethical approach to create an inclusive organizational culture


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