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Inclusion gone viral
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Summer 2009 
Dear Success Partner, 

Some of my clients tell me they are experiencing "diversity fatigue". Are you?
The term diversity seems to carry so much baggage, it is sometimes a challenge to know what the word diversity really means at any given time. I can assure you, the real definition of diversity does not mean affirmative action; it does not refer to some type of quota system; it is not a hidden agenda to take your place away and give it to someone else. There are over 6 billion people on this planet and each one of us represent diversity. We need to find a way to refocus and re-energize our efforts to create cultures of inclusion.
Share your thoughts on "diversity fatigue" with me at Dr. B's BLOG by clicking here: Diversity Fatigue.
I am looking forward to hearing from you and partnering with you to help you reach your goals.
Successfully yours,
Dr. B
Inclusion Gone Viral
Getting the inclusion virus can be a great thing as 2009viruses by their very nature duplicate and spread! Having inclusion go viral is symptomatic of an organization that has learned to value diversity in all of its forms and has created a culture that has learned to leverage its diversities to increase and enhance the organization's performance.
In the same way viral marketing is spread, viral inclusion needs a high "pass- along- rate" at a continued sustained level in order to create the greatest influence on other systems in the network. As marketing goes viral, customers actually begin marketing for the company.
When inclusion goes viral, the value of inclusiveness has become a "way of life" that has "infected" the system's DNA. The effect of this virus is seen when all stakeholders, including the community and vendors, begin openly sharing in the success of the organization. The inclusion virus starts spreading and duplicating once leaders demonstrate they truly value all diversities. Leaders do this by seeing to it that accountability and resources are made available to support a well-designed inclusion strategy thus ensuring success to the organization's financial well being.
How do you know inclusion has gone viral? Here are the "symptoms" of the inclusion virus in a team or organization:
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