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Dr. B's Blog is up and ready for your input
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Dayton, OH - June 22, 2009 - Step Up To Success! is pleased to announce Dr. B's BLOG is up and ready to hear from you.
Dr. B's BLOG (http://lindaburrs.com/BLOG) is dedicated to dealing with workspace issues that are difficult but solvable. This BLOG was designed to discuss possible solutions for dealing with some of the most challenging workplace issues for both bosses and employees. Of course, we start with the subject of "Bad Bosses" but we WILL get to the issue of difficult employees.
Some of the most pressing obstacles to productivity, performance and passion will be discussed here. I am lookiing to you to share your experiences and through a collaborative approach, offer readers "real-world" solutions. I invite you to add your perspective and your voice to help create exciting cultures of inclusion. Keep in mind, "if we are actively creating cultures of inclusion, then by default, we are creating cultures of exclusion" (Burrs, 2007).
Feel free to disagree with each other - respectfully, of course. No one of us is as powerful as all of us working together for the greater good. I look forward to hearing from you at Dr. B's BLOG (http://lindaburrs.com/BLOG).
The Third Time's a Charm . . .
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At least that is what I am hoping. Many of you went to the Inclusion Assessment link and found you were required to register. For those who did not want to have to reigster to check out the site, this step presented an obstacle. The requirement to register has been removed.  

Please try again .... I promise . . . no registration is required to take the assessment.
To take the assessment, please click here. Read the introductory message and then click on the button at the end that says: Take the Inclusion Assessment™ Now

Take the Inclusion Assessment™ now: Click here.
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