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June 2009
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Critical Thinking:
Could this be the Missing Link? 
As you are probably aware, we are living in a fascinating time and are witnessing change on an unimaginable scale! Decisions are being made that have the potential to impact lives in a lasting and profound way. Learning to critically think through choices before decisions are made, is one of those challenges that can really make you go . . . Hmmmm. four challenges blocks
Now is the time to give more attention and thought to how change, communication, complexity and conflict may be impacting your ability to critically think about your own thinking. Thinking about your thinking is reflected in your capacity to make the best possible decisions. Could a lack of critical thinking spawn garbage can decision-making or worse yet, be the missing link that will expose leaders who cannot or will not critically think for themselves? Could critical thinking be the missing link in managerial decision-making?
Times are indeed fascinating! Enjoy this newsletter letter on critical thinking and managerial decision-making. Be prepared to confront yourself and how you think. 
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Decision-Making and Critical Thinking

by Guest Author: Dr. Frank Fletcher 
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Critical thinking as well as decision making is a very human activity and as such it will never be perfect. Throughout the decision making process you need to keep in mind that a critical thinker understands that as humans we can not totally eliminate our bias.
Although we must be aware of our own biases; factoring them into our consideration. We live in a complex and fast-changing world and even the best process can not anticipate every contingency and possibility, but using critical thinking to derive a decision will certainly make it a better decision.
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Decision-makers and critical thinking
The Art of Negotiating and Critical Thinking
The goose that laid the golden egg
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The Art of Negotiating and Critical Thinking

by Guest Author: Bryan L. Burrs 

competing dollarsNegotiation is a word most are familiar with, but few know how to execute or take the time to perform professionally, especially in sales. Too often, sales people think of negotiations as win-lose and in many cases they are not far off the mark as that is what often happens in negotiation sessions. However, if you are involved in professional sales where there is an expectation or requirement of sales and service on a long term basis versus a one-time simple sale, then negotiations should not be "win-lose".
So how do you avoid win-lose negotiations in professional sales? First, you need to ask yourself two questions.

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About the author: Bryan Burrs is currently the Manager of Sales Training for Cardinal Health's Ambulatory Care Division, a Fortune 18 company. He has over 9 years of professional sales and negotiation experience with top Fortune 25 companies and has been the recipient of numerous performance-based selling and goal overachievement awards
Bryan earned a Masters degree in Global Management and a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Computer Science. He may be reached at
The goose that laid the golden egg 
Recall the fable credited to Aesop that tells the story of a goose that magically laid golden eggs? Let's reconsider this fairy tale and use critical thinking to think about some other choices we have made.
In short, 2009a  man and his wife had the good fortune to possess a goose which laid one golden egg every day. As fortunate as they were to have this special goose, they began to think they could get more golden eggs faster if they could get all the gold out of the bird at one time. So, they decided to cut the bird open. Unfortunately for them, they found the goose's insides to be exactly the same as any other goose and alas, their goose was dead. Their quest for wealth ended on a poorly made decision based on greed and a failure to not use critical thinking as part of their decision-makingn process.
Of course, today, we think we would make a different, even better decision because, naturally, we are smarter and certainly more informed than those of yesteryear. In spite of our enlightenment, as you consider a recent decision you have made, did you ask yourself any of these critical questions as this couple should have asked themselves?
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