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May 2007
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How amazing is it to know YOU have the power to effect the type of organizational change you say you want and need? Deep change demands deep awareness, truthful assessments, honest examination of assumptions, and an ethical and moral compass to move your organization in the best possible direction. Let Step Up To Success! help you get there.

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Step Up To Success! gets a makeover

The redesigned Step Up To Success! website is completed and ready for our virtual open house. The newly designed rooms will enhance your viewing experience. The Reading Room has some great articles and other information I believe will encourage you to find the success you want and are looking for within your organization.

As Step Up To Success! continues to grow, so will the capacity to provide additional services to you. We are looking forward to helping you make this (yours and ours) the best year yet. Look for BLOGS on relevant topics. Here is the link:

Please forward this newsletter on to others and don't forget to bookmark the new site.

Leaders Behaving Badly
What skills would you like to improve to get maximum results?

Guess what . . . it is not always the employee with the problem. If anyone wants to know whether a leader is being effective, one way would be to take a look at what is going on around a particular manager/leader. Stop and take a moment to observe managers and employees in their work environment. Conduct manager and employee assimilations. Look how leaders are relating (or not) to their employees in areas of development, motivation, and knowledge sharing. Listen to the stories going on around the organization about particular managers and leaders. Do these stories support the values the organization espouses to represent to stockholders, the community, and customers? If the answer is no, then perhaps leader development in the form of coaching for leaders and training is necessary to ensure there is consistency between what the organization says it values and leader behavior.

About Step Up To Success!
Our vision and mission statement
Steps to Success

Our shared vision at Step Up To Success! is to become the consulting practice leaders think of first when they need leadership & team development and organizational effectiveness consulting.

The way we meet our vision is by providing the highest level of exemplary support to our clients with extraordinary care as we assess, train, and coach.

We are an organization of practical academics and life long learners. As successful facilitators, we must first accept, love, and believe in ourselves and then in our clients' ability to go beyond what even they thought possible.

Our philosophy is to facilitate learning in a way that is practical, useful, meaningful, and understandable. At Step Up To Success! our only goal is to help you reach yours.

What others have to say . . .
How Step Up To Success! helps others reach their goals
Dr. Burrs2

"In my career, I have seen hundreds of trainers and consultants, but Linda is 'la creme de la creme'. . . ."

Skip Prichard Senior Vice President


Dr. Burrs' presence in front of a classroom commands your attention. Always polished, poised, professional and presentable, her enthusiasm for her work radiates from her and passes quickly on to her students. She makes her audience eager to learn and receptive to training, and Linda's solid presentation skills help drive her points home."

Robin Richardson, Sales Operations Analyst


"Linda has this gift and talent for presenting concepts and facilitating sessions in a practical way, with a style and approach that is affirming. Her sense of humour is certainly an added bonus."

Peng Soon Lim President & Principal Consultant Learning & Performance Systems - Singapore


"Everyone LOVED your workshop!!! They were extremely pleased with your presentation and feel the information provided will definitely help us better communicate with each other . . . ."

Pat Hobson, RN, Montgomery County Community Outreach Nurse Program


"I wanted to write and express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding job you did during the FLEX talk and Myers Briggs (MBTI) training session you did for my group. It is a pleasure to work with someone who not only has the core competencies in the training material, but also the personality and enthusiasm that facilitate learning."

John Mattheson Sr. Director, Customer Service and Support


We would love to partner with you to make this the year where extraordinary possibilities are realized. Are you ready to step up to success? Here's how to contact us.


Dr. Burrs
Dr. Linda Burrs
Step Up To Success!

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