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Exclusive New Year's Savings

Welcome to 2007! To thank you for being loyal clients and for your commitment to the development of your team and/or organization, I am presenting you this special offer. Feel free to forward this exciting offer to others who would also benefit from hiring Step Up To Success! to help reach their organizational and personal development goals.

Dr. Burrs
What's new at Step Up To Success!

As part of our new offerings for 2007, I would like to introduce you to the Success Series©:

  • Success Series for Executive Leaders
  • Success Series for Front Line Managers
  • Success Series for Individuals and Teams
  • Success Series for Diversity and Inclusion
These programs are exciting in that they are practical, will take your organization to the next level of success, and offer alternatives to traditional canned programming which may or may not work.

No matter the challenge, if you are looking for rock solid results, let Step Up To Success! help you reach your goals.

Steps to Success
Why hire Step Up To Success!

Step Up To Success! does not pull canned products off the shelf and throw it at you. We build programs specifically designed to ensure improved organizational effectiveness through the development of people. At Step Up To Success! we are small enough to care and large enough to meet your specific needs. Whether it is through building team relationships, executive coaching, or conducting organizational diagnostics, we will help you make a positive and constructive difference.

We design and deliver targeted coaching interventions and programs, intended to successfully and measurably improve personal, leadership, and organizational performance. After attending a Step Up To Success! program, our clients walk away with improved communication skills, better self-management skills, and ehanced interpersonal skills. Our only goal is to help you reach yours!

For pricing information, please call: 937-866-7511


Dr. Linda Burrs
Step Up To Success!

voice: 937-866-7511

My goal is to help you reach yours

Save 10% on consulting fees

For all programs booked and scheduled during Q1 2007, clients will receive a 10% discount on consulting fees. This includes bookings from the Success Series and Coaching programs.

Offer Expires: March 31, 2007
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