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May 2012

We want to wish all our dedicated mothers in our practice a very Happy Mother's Day! One day a year is certainly not enough to express gratitude!

May is also Celiac Awareness Month. Dr. Reynolds will be presenting on May 31st at Naturally Free Food, we have limited registration available so sign up early!

What the brain tells us

In the past 20 years, neuroscience, buoyed by advances in imaging technology-namely, functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI-has been giving us a cranial roadmap into our behavior, extreme and otherwise. As the technology keeps improving at a dramatic pace, so can the development of treatments for diseases, some of which couldn't even be diagnosed until after death.

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The neurofeedback solution for chronic headaches

"Neurofeedback is a non-invasive form of treatment where the client is rewarded by way of a computer game when calm brain waves are produced. Over the course of treatment, the brain learns to balance itself or regulate its own patterns, therefore reducing the amount and intensity of headaches. Oftentimes the headache can actually be reduced or even eliminated during the treatment session."

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Presentation: "The Effects of Gluten On The Brain"
Presented by Dr. Reynolds
Dr. Reynolds

May is Celiac Awareness month. Dr. Reynolds will present a fascinating lecture on the effects of gluten sensitivity and the brain. Recent research shows that gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease can cause neurological disorders such as depression, Epilepsy, chronic pain and more. Presented at Naturally Free Food in Smithtown, May 31st at 7:30 PM.

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Hope you all have a beautiful month! Thank you for allowing us to participate in your in healthcare and wellness!


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