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January 2012
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Happy New Year!! We hope you all enjoyed your holidays! Thanks for being so patient during our renovations. We can't wait until it is all completed!!

Gluten Sensitivity and the Impact on the Brain

Researchers in Israel have noted neurological problems in 51 percent of children with gluten sensitivity and further, describe a link between gluten sensitivity and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As authors in a recent issue of the journal, Pediatrics, stated in their research, "This study suggests that the variability of neurological disorders that occur in celiac disease is broader than previously reported and includes softer and more common neurological disorders including chronic headache, developmental delay, hypotonia and learning disorders or ADHD."

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Dr. Phil Demonstrates Amazing Biofeedback Appetite Control

Biofeedback is another tool we can use to help you achieve your goals. When you change your brain you can change your life!!

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