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Words, Thoughts, Art for Fall 2012 

20x35 vinyl banner of Heartful Art posters



    Summer is over, fall is here. School has started, and people everywhere are beginning new chapters in living. Challenges continue to refine what's important in our world, and we all keep keeping on. The resilience of the human spirit is something to appreciate every day. I do, of that you can be sure.  

    No matter where we live, what we do for a living, no matter how old or young we are, we're all living and growing together on this planet we call our home. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes, not so much. Through it all, we're doing our best. Surely we are making choices that will give us greater freedom and more of what we each deem important in life.

    Even when we don't know another person's reality or point of view, empathy is priceless. Thoreau said, "Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?"

     Besides inspiration and happy colors, I make art that reminds, strengthens, celebrates, and enlightens us to greater understanding and love of ourselves and others. I hope you will share it with someone you respect.

    Enjoy my newest 4x6, Tropical Fire (left), and see more new posters and prints below. Also, see the newest Thoreau magnets and more in the New Works category online.
    By the way, I'm getting organized (Spring cleaning became Fall cleaning after I moved to Florida) and simplifying my life.
     I still have many paintings I brought with me from Sausalito where my gallery space was easily accessible to collectors. With no physical gallery space here in Florida, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to have one (or more) of these originals, anything painted in 2008 or before, at half off the price listed on my website - from now through the end of the year. If there's an original painting from the California days that you've had your eye on, contact me soon. I'll even pay the shipping. Note: this offer expires on New Years Eve.
     Meanwhile, enjoy the new creations below.


New purple border for the timeless words of Desiderata is the single most searched for Heartful Art product. Also available as an 11x14 poster.

$12-$18 ea

New OM print  

Om is a sacred Hindu symbol of piety, popular with yoga enthusiasts, those who practice meditation, and people who study Eastern religions.

$7-$18 ea

Light is one 

5x7 poster of Rumi quote w art by Raphaella Vaisseau
Another beautiful Rumi quote as encouragement to rise to a higher plane, have empathy with other points of view, know we each have our own path to walk, and realize our Oneness in Spirit.

$8 ea
I wish you peace, health, prosperity, and a deep appreciation of the blessings in your life. You're in my thoughts!
Raphaella Vaisseau of Heartful Art
24x24 Heart of a Memory


Raphaella Vaisseau

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