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Thinking of You After the Storm 

5x10 giclee print of Faith, Hope, Love



Even if you weren't in the direct path of Hurricane Irene, you probably knew someone who was, and, like me, watched the storm with prayers in your hearts and hope on your minds for those who were. 


Most of the art I selected for you this month has a water theme or is about taking care of each other.  Faith Hope Love (right) is a reminder to keep the faith, offer hope, and be love. Remembering this builds inner strength, as you know. Our inner strength determines how strong we can be in times of challenge. It also allows us to be the greatest use to others in times of need.

Mother Teresa
said, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." Seeing how we pull together during a crisis, such as the recent storm, makes this "belonging to each other" more palpable. I love seeing personal responsibility in action for the greater good. Bravo everyone. 
Kelp FKelp Forest, an original watercolor painting by Raphaella Vaisseauorest (left) is an 8x10 unframed original watercolor that I painted after visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my sister when we both lived in the San Francisco Bay area in 2005. It's available as a giclee print as well.

From that same period, on the left of the top border, is a giclee print of Sea Off Point Lobos, depicting the ocean's swirling surf, just south of Carmel, again in California. In my painting the surf looks to me like a blooming lily flower. Memories of sea otters in and around the swaying kelp forests inspires me over and over again and reminds me of the mystery, the beauty, and the power of Mother Nature.


8x11 Poster of Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
Max Ehrmann's famous quote, Desiderata, offers advice for living a peaceful, happy life. Sharing thoughts of everyday wisdom, these beautiful words comfort and motivate, affirm and inspire

$12 ea

Garden of the Full Moon  

8x10 Original Painting
8x10 abstract flower garden in acrylic on canvas with sides of canvas painted as a continuation of the art. moonlight on a garden of blooming flowers. Abstract, with texture of the forest behind and the earth below. Refreshing, calming, sweet and serene, this garden beckons you to dream, whether awake or as you sleep.

$150 ea

Never Doubt  

8x10 Print of Margaret Mead Quotation
This famous Margaret Mead quote is an especially nice gift for neighbors, friends, and family who have done small or great things to assist us in times of need or challenge

$18 ea
Just so you know, for the future, when there is a weather event like Hurricane Irene, I am with you in Spirit, thinking of you, and sending Light to your friends, family, pets, homes, neighborhoods, and businesses. I send prayers, I meditate, I am watchful, and all the while I am envisioning the best outcome for each and every one.

After the storm had passed, I spoke with many of you and I am glad to report that most of you had come through it all right, if not with all of your property as it was, at least with the optimism of your Spirit intact. For that, and for having you in my life, I am grateful.

I continue to hold the Light for all who are still in the process of recovering and rebuilding. If you have lost a treasured painting or parts of your Heartful Art collection in this storm, please let me know and I will do my best to create something else to bless your home and life.

Take care of what you hold dear. Know that I think of you often and want you to thrive.

Raphaella Vaisseau - heartfulart.com


Raphaella Vaisseau

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Zen Abstracts by Raphaella Vaisseau

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