Heartful Art by Raphaella Vaisseau
Giving & Receiving Gifts of Gratitude
Dear One,You are here to thrive - Michele Whittington

     Another year has come and gone and still, we are here and thriving. We meaning you, me, all of us. To thrive is to grow vigorously (another great word), to prosper, to flourish, to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances. Be inspired with Michele Whittington's words, "You are here to THRIVE!" I love that.

     I have some good news to share with you. My watercolor painting, "Vines 2" won a Merit Award at the Venice Art Center's recent show, juried by museum professional, R. Andrew Maass. I was thrilled. Vines 2 - watercolor by Raphaella Vaisseau

I love each one of my paintings, and this one is no exception.

     Another manifestation of good news is the acceptance of my Irish Blessing magnet in the Creative Irish Gifts catalog. I look forward to seeing that in print after the new year. Irish Blessing magnet

Femail Creations catalog selected my Dance your own dance poster to be included in their spring offerings. And soon my Heartful Art will be available on Wild Iris Market, a new online shopping experience for people "who envision a world wherein the mind, body and spirit of every conscious thing is strong and whole." Count me in! 

I have some phone specials to offer you as my way of giving thanks: FREE SHIPPING for starters. Note that this can only happen between now and December 15th AND only when you call me directly (941-993-7001) to place your order. Secondly, since I have so many magnets that are perfect for year around giving (and especially during the holidays), I am offering you 4 magnets for $15 plus free shipping. See the coupon below for the details. I hope this makes it quick and easy for you to fulfill some of your holiday shopping needs. Of course when you call you can order whatever you want from my website and still receive free shipping. Even on original art. So, give yourself a gift as well while you're at it. Have fun shopping online and call me soon with your order: 941-993-7001 (east coast Florida time).

Let's all dance our own dance, sing our own song, speak our own truth and live our own dream right on into the holidays and make it the bestDance your own dance poster by Raphaella Vaisseau

Thanksgiving ever.
     With confidence in YOU, and best wishes
for your continued success and THRIVING,

Raphaella Vaisseau - heartfulart.com

I wish you peace.

P.S. Be sure to see the coupon below.
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To support you in getting everything you want on time, I'm offering you two amazing gifts: free shipping on all orders placed directly with me via phone 941-993-7001 AND 4 magnets for $15 - now through December 15th ONLY - before we fly away to visit friends and family for the holidays.
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Free shipping applies to everyone when orders placed on the phone with Raphaella at 941-993-7001. Magnet special applies to retail customers only. Offer Expires on midnight Dec 15, 2010.
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