Thank You to You! plus Altar Art for Holiday Giving
Dear One,
     I'm so happy it's Fall. I hope you're enjoying the turning of the leaves if you live where such things take place. While I was growing up, I did enjoy the cool crispness of fall in the North, and of course the color of the trees. It's been a very hot summer here in Florida, and here fall means that I open my windows, paint outside in the lanai, feel the breeze, and listen to the birds and wildlife in my yard. It's a welcome change of season for me.
     Thank you so much for continuing to have faith in my Heartful Art and buying it for yourself and your family and friends. I have so many new magnets and art to share with you this month. They are already online as magnets, and are available in small and medium posters as well. Remember these five new creations as you make your holiday gift lists. Also, be sure to let me know if you'd like them matted or framed.
Five new Heartful Art magnets by Raphaella Vaisseau
     Dragonflies are plentiful here. More than I remember ever seeing anywhere else I've lived. "Dragonfly in the
7x10 dragonfly painting by Raphaella Vaisseau Everglades" is my first tribute to the magical creatures as well as the Everglades, which I so enjoy passing through when I drive from Venice to Miami to visit my parents.When the power of love magnet - Jimi Hendrix
    The Jimi Hendrix quotation about the power of love is one of my favorites for the upcoming season of giving. Sweet yet profound, it states simply the truth.
     As I set up my little Heartful Art booth at markets and fairs around the country, I'm more and more aware of the vast numbers of you who are devoted to including yoga, healthy eating, fitness and meditation in your everyday lives. I first made Namaste as a magnet back in 1998 and it continues to be a f
avorite in all the styles and sizes I create it in. Now I've made it even bigger - as a 20" x 35" vinyl banner so that yoga studios, health centers (even you if you so desire), can decorate their walls with this beautiful blessin20x35 Namaste Banner by Raphaella Vaisseaug.
     Many people who practice yoga and mediation have altars of sa
cred and inspirational items and I'm honored that many of my magnets, posters, quotes and art have been selected to have a place there.
     Personally, I've been meditating since the mid-70s, even before I started to paint and create art. I have many, many paintings with mandalas and spirals and other visual reminders of spiritual devotion (whatever your faith), the inner ocean of divine love and mercy, and of the oneness of us all. I'm pulling them all together and making prints of all sizes, many of which I've added to a new category called Altar Art. I'm offering a special 15% discount for Altar Art without words
from now through the end of October. (See the coupon below for specific details.)
     All of the Heartful Art I create is created from a place of meditation so explore it all, not just the Altar Art section. Remember, if you have a favorite symbol or quotation that you don't find on my website, simply let me know and I'll do my best to make it for you.
     As we move through Fall and roll on toward the Winter and the Holiday Season, I wish you happiness in your every day life, sweet dreams in your quiet moments, and spiritual blessings on all levels for your highest good.

Sincere good wishes from my heart to yours,
Raphaella Vaisseau - heartfulart.com


P.S. Be sure to see the coupon below.

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Altar Art - Holiday Gifts for Yoga & Meditation
To celebrate YOGA and MEDITATION practices and other SPIRITUAL DEVOTIONS, and to give you a headstart on holiday gift shopping, we are offering a 15% discount on all art prints without words purchased now through Halloween. Sale prices for Art Prints: 5x5 $6.00, 5x7 $10.00, 8x8 $17.00, 8x10 $20, 9x12 $25.50, 12x12 $30.00, 11x14 $34.00, 14x14 $38.00. All orders for this discount need to be placed directly by calling Raphaella at 941-993-7001. Orders placed online via the website will receive an extra gift of equal value to the discount in lieu of the discount.
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