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Summer Art and Special Things
Dear Friend,
     I've been painting up a storm for you in July. I realized it's too hot to paint outside in the summer in Florida, so last week I moved my studio into a corner of my house where I can enjoy the sun streaming through the windows in the morning (and especially in the afternoon) and still be cool while I create new art. See more on my blog.
Here's a little 4x4 original painting
called "Ocean Eddy" that sells for $35. Ocean Eddy - 4x4 original art by Raphaella VaisseauI first learned about eddies when I painted Oceans years ago. It's an interesting story, which you can read below the print if you click on the link. Basically, eddy fields are what the currents in the ocean can look like from space. If you like spirals, there are a few prints here.
Two more new original acrylic on Heart of Green Chartreuse - 8x8 original art by Raphaella Vaisseau
canvas paintings are "Heart of Green Chartreuse" and "Georgia Spring Garden". 
Georgia Spring Garden - 4x4 original art by Raphaella VaisseauRemember, you
can always check the NEW WORK link on my website. I update it every month with the latest creations.
     I had a special request last month to make art with the quote from Socrates, "An unexamined life is not worth living". In the process of exploring what has been written about Socrates, primarily by Plato, a contemporary philosopher, I learned he was put on trial and later sentenced to death in Athens, charged with "undermining state religion and corrupting young people." I found it so interesting that through it all he maintained he would rather die than give up philosophy. Feel free to read more and make up your own mind here.
     Excitement - 8x8 original art by Raphaella VaisseauThe abstract painting on the left is called "Excitement" because to me it has such alive and upward energy, as if ready to blast off like a rocket. Maybe it's a foretelling of the future where we all reach new heights, manifest our dreams, and explore new worlds inside of us and outside in the world.
Heart of a Solar Flair - 4x4 original art by Raphaella Vaisseau    
     By the way ... be sure to notice the coupon below that offers free gifts in July.  Does that sound fabulous? I hope so. It will be fun for me to make your order extra special this month.

     Blessings of summer heat to you. I hope the flowers are in full bloom wherever you are and you're getting a chance to swim in cool, clear water. Whatever summer holds in store for you, I hope it's grand.


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