Abundance is More than Money

A week ago while friends were visiting from Cocoa Village, I was sharing about how stressful it was that everyone who owed me money was late in paying me which made me late in paying everyone I owed money to. My friend Deborah responded with a gem of wisdom: "Abundance is more than money." She said, "When you talk about your new life here and the new friends you've met, your face lights up. That's abundance too." Ah-ha!! I got it. I knew it was true. I felt a shift inside of me that accompanies a change in consciousness and voila! I started feeling abundant immediately.
Raphaella's 62nd birthday celebration of friendsLast night I celebrated my 62nd birthday by celebrating the abundance my friends bring to my life (new and old, present or not, here or far away). I invited them to my sweet and beautiful home in Venice for a vegetarian pot luck dinner. Elaine Silver brought her guitar and sang a few songs for us. After we all tasted the fruits of bounty everyone brought to share with each other, we circled up and each person in turn made a birthday wish for me. How lovely it was to be surrounded by wishes from friends.

Baby Blessing
Baby Blessing

I Am Blessed
Two 4x4 abstract originals on canvas
Friend quote
Friend 5x5 matted quote

Friend magnet

Asian Portal
Asian Portal
Annie's Queens (print)
Annie's Queens print

More people prints
Family Blessing
Family Blessing - 5x7 poster
$7.00 - $18.00

Spouse Blessing
In three days time, if you're in the Venice-Sarasota area this coming Saturday night, April 18th, we will gather again. This time for an Art Opening showcasing original art by yours truly as well as a new friend of mine, artist Kim Northrop of Sarasota. The opening is from 6-9 pm at the offices of Theresa Foley's Hypnosis Venice (537 E. Venice Ave, Venice, FL 34285).Kim Northrup - artist

Kim Northrop is known regionally for her inventive use of text and collage. Examples of Northrop's larger work can be seen at the Naples Museum of Art in the Florida Contemporary: Paintings and Photographs exhibit which runs May 14th thru June 28th.

In the spirit of abundance and sharing, for this one night only, both Kim and I will be offering an "economic stimulus" in the form of reduced prices on our original art. If you've been thinking about purchasing an original of mine or Kims, and price has been a factor, please take this opportunity to call (941.993.7001) or e-mail us on Saturday, April 18th with an offer - even if you can't attend the opening.
Three 4x4 original hearts on canvas

I'm planning to continue cherishing friends, family, beauty, music, grace and all things magical in life as my abundance. Regarding friends, I'm reminded of a song we used to sing in Girl Scouts: "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."

A Friend is a Gift - Stevenson (magnet)

God bless my friends, including you.
Glory be,
Raphaella Vaisseau

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