Peace, Patience, Promise, Possibility

     In keeping with my new focus of looking at life as a grand adventure providing Rise free from care poster - Thoreauopportunities for growth and learning, I am right on track. As challenges appear before me, I remind myself this is exactly what I wanted: to not be lazy in my spiritual growth but instead, to risk and stretch and refine the golden chalice that is me. It's my prayer that I may be an even clearer vessel for doing my work in the world.
     A long time ago a friend told me the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency, he said, is getting things done right whereas effectiveness is getting the right things done. Discerning the multitude of tasks before me and getting the right things done is where I am committed to keep my attention and take action.
     Another lesson up for me to master during this time is practicing giving energy only to what I want more of, rather than noticing what gives me discomfort. In the words of Abraham as expressed through Esther Hicks (in an 10/02/04 seminar from Boston): "Talk about the discomfort less; talk about what I want more. Notice what is less and talk about what I'm expecting more. Talk about things that bother me less, and talk about things that make me feel good more. Talk about things that are going wrong less, and talk about things that are going right more." Practice makes perfect. Besides, it's fun to say things like, "I'm expecting to have a good day, I'm expecting things to go well."
     For my Thanksgiving journey into the natural side of life, I found some beautiful Sand Hill Cranes to watch in a pond, and some cats to shower love on for a vacationing friend. Here's a glimpse (you're welcome to click on the photo to visit my Flickr site to see more):
My Thanksgiving Day treats
Leap - 8x11 poster
Wild Flowers
16 x 20 original art - Wild Flowers
Invincible Summer
In the midst - 8x11 poster

Larger Version

God's Will
God's Will - 8x11 poster

Heart of Lilacs
24x24 Heart of Lilacs - original art on canvas
New! Thoreau
When I hear music - 8x11 poster

Do what you can
Primary Colors
10x10 Original art on canvas

American Garden
original 8x8
Abstract in Mahogany
16x20 original art - Abstract in Mahogany
Vessel in Wood
7x7 original watercolor on paper

Stormy Seas
original 8x8
8x10 Quote - Miracles Happen     As you're thinking of gifts this holiday season, keep in mind that the many 5x7 posters on our website are available as 8x10 matted quotes which you can frame yourself as gifts for the home or office. 8x10 Quote - If we all did the thingsThey are beautiful, inspiring and thoughtful reminders of your love and support. Besides the two shown, some of my favorite posters to mat as wall art include: Parent's Blessing for Grown-Up Kids, Believe in yourself, Nine Requisites for contented Living, Success, and of course the family poems: Sister and Brother, Sisters, Brothers, Mother and Daughter, Mother and Son, Father and Daughter, and Father and Son. And, a few of your favorites - old and new: Dance your own dance, Serenity Prayer, Each friend represents a world in us, Do not fear, The 23rd Psalm, Remember, no one can make youNamaste, and Our worst fear (Marianne Williamson).
     Throughout this 2008 holiday season ... believe we are all exactly where we are supposed to be on this journey of life, know we all have the skills we need to navigate the next stages of our growth, and remember, we are all in this together. I am supporting you every step of the way. I am loving you as myself, and I know that in Spirit we are truly One.
     At the Unity Church of Venice, the congregation ends each service holding hands and singing together, "Let There Be Peace On Earth" (music by Sy Miller and lyrics by Jill Jackson). Written in 1955, this song is a beautiful prayer to keep singing over and over during this season and throughout the coming years. Click on the lyrics to the right to hear the song as performed by the Boys Choir of Harlem.Lyrics by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson
     Bless you and your loved ones now and forevermore.

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