Saying Goodbye & Hello - Beginning the next Grand Adventure

    Heartful Art is moving to the Gulf Coast of Florida on Friday, Sept 28th (my daughter's birthday). The picture of the palms is my first look at the Venice sky when I went to visit the area in June. Click the image First look at the Venice Skyto get my latest contact information and see a map of the area where I will be living.
    This is truly a grand adventure. Serenity Gardens Wellness Center is owned by Patti Yarrington, "a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who practices at the center counseling individuals and families towards greater emotional wellness and balance." The center offers many other modalities and events as well as inspirational books and gifts.
     Patti and I are still working out all the details, but for the time being, I will be creating my Heartful Art within the walls of Serenity Gardens and lending my enthusiasm and retail skillPatti Yarrington, owner of Serenity Gardenss to her in the book/giftstore. We're both holding the vision of a light and easy experience of mutual success and freedom as we move forward into whatever feels right for both of our businesses. One step at a time.
     You can be assured I will keep you informed and will want you all to visit Serenity Gardens in Venice, Florida on your next adventure down South. To introduce you briefly, here's a picture of Patti in the book/gift store of Serenity Gardens.
Muffy-All cats are magnificent     My beautiful kitty, Muffy, passed into Spirit on August 24th while we were watching the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics together at home. She was a cherished and beautiful part of my life here on earth for the past fourteen years and is now forever with me in spirit and in my heart.
     All animals are precious. If you have a pet you want to memorialize in art, contact Jennifer Richardson for a portrait in oil. Jennifer is a talented artist in California who has a gift for capturing the magic and love of your beloved pet.
     Two healers were helpful to Muffy and me during the last four months of her life here with me: Ellen Nemoyten - animal reiki and Christina Gerber - angel blessings and other healings. Both of these devoted women can work with you in spirit or on the phone. I experienced dramatic results which gave me great comfort. As I share this information with you, I feel a blessing being given for all of our dear animals around the world who give us so much joy and love.
     Here's a picture of me saying goodbye to California (with love). Click on my picture to see more photos on Flickr.
     I will be in touch soon - with all the latest news and art from Florida. Until then, be well and enjoy life and living.

In Spirit,
Raphaella at Golden Gate Bridge 9-08

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