Change is Opportunity

     For the past two years I've had a couple of post-it reminders to myself in my wallet. One is, "Change is Opportunity." It's important for us to remember the silver lining that is almost always evident after storm clouds clear. Seeing these words every time I open my wallet keeps me focused on the windows that are opening rather than the doors that have closed. It keeps me moving forward into possibilities of greater good and reminds me to live in the present and to seize the day.
     The other post-it says, "You are not alone." It makes me smile when I see it. Then I pause to feel the support that is always with me - from family, friends, angels, God and unseen forces. I breathe deeply and give thanks for the spiritual support I know is mine. And yours. You are not alone.
     Perhaps these two simple messages will resonate with you and bring you and your loved ones moments of comfort and peace as well. For whatever reason, the words of Anne Frank come to mind as I'm writing this: "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart." Wherever you are in your process with home, family, career and/or world events, I wish you peace, I send you love, and I envision your success on all levels for the highest good of all.
8x8 Acrylic Original Art
Heart of a Heron
18x18 Acrylic Original Art

Heart Prints
Artist's Proof
Artist's Proof of My Mother's Garden

Another giclee
All is well
All is well magnet
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Joy of Being
Joy of Being - watercolor by Raphaella Vaisseau

2x3 magnet - Imagine the Possibilities
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Happy Cat
A Friend
A Friend poster 11x14
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Kelp Forest
Kelp Forest original art
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Sun, Moon, Stars
Breathe poster 11x14
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Keep Swimming
20x20 Heart of Allowing original acrylic painting     My studio and gallery are now within Serenity Gardens Wellness Center in Venice, Florida. Thank you all for your blessings on this move and your excited e-mails about visiting me here on your journeys through Florida. I look forward to a visit from each and every one of you.
     Each day as I move forward in this new business partnership and discover more of my new community and life here in Florida, I keep in mind that Life itself is a grand adventure and I am choosing to live it fully. I remember that experiencing new, different and even challenging situations gives me opportunities every day to grow in knowledge, skill and experience.
     I was reminded this morning of one of my favorite scriptures, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 "For everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven ..." Perhaps these beautiful words will give you inspiration to sing, dance, love and dream with confidence in the knowing that "this too shall pass." So, we might as well celebrate now.
     Throughout the coming days and weeks, remember to remember, change is opportunity. I will be focusing on the greatness of who we are individually and together as One. I'm sending you thoughts of all things Good. Know that you are not alone.

Raphaella Vaisseau

Raphaella Vaisseau
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