New Year, New Art and Meditations for Living

     Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, scientist and mystic, living about 500+ years B.C., believed everything in the universe operates in predictable progressive cycles. Although none of Pythagoras' actual texts remain, and numerology is no longer considered to be a part of the study of mathematics, it has provided occasional entertainment for me since 1975.
     For instance, in the world, 2008 is a "one" year, a time of new beginnings, introspection and a year of formulating new directions. On my blog, for me personally, I declared 2006 to be a Year of Visibility, and 2007 to be a Year of Action. 2008 is, for me, a Year of Expectancy. I am keeping my mind on thoughts of happiness. I am expecting the best and believing in God. In 2007's Year of Action, the number of stores where you can buy Heartful Art grew from 50 to 110. Three new stores joined the list on New Year's Eve alone and more are soon to follow.
     In addition to the wonderful retail stores and bookshops, one of my goals is to have the inspirations of Heartful Art available in every church bookstore in the world. If your church has a bookstore, please e-mail me the name and phone number of the person in charge and I will contact them. Or, simply forward this e-mail to them with a note to check it out. I appreciate your confidence in me and my art, which is my ministry and my passion.
     Below you will see some new paintings I've created for you, and three amazing Meditations of Ernest Holmes. See thousands of choices at Heartful Art's online store.
Heart of Rising
2x2 original watercolor - Heart of Rising

$8.00 - $18.00
Same quote - different art on smaller poster
Bricks - original 7"x10" watercolor on paper
Cross paintings
4" x 4" original art - Illuminated Cross

Print of Illuminated Cross
Meditation for Life
Meditation for Life - Ernest Holmes
  $8.00 - $18.00

Same quote - different art on smaller poster
New friendship magnet
Friendship is the golden thread magnet
$5.00 - $18.00

Another new magnet
Ingredients for Success
Belief Desire 2x3 magnet
$5.00 - $18.00

More Qualities to Affirm
Meditation for Opportunity
Meditation for Opportunity - Ernest Holmes
$8.00 - $18.00

Same quote - different art on smaller poster
Heart of the Dance
16" x 20" Heart of the Dance

Print of the same painting
Carpe Diem magnet      Whatever 2008 holds for you, I wish you peace in the big things, joy in the little things, and a continuous unfoldment of your life as you imagine it to be. I wish you nights of adventure, days of realized possibilities, and mornings of brilliant sunshine -  inside and out. Through it all, I wish you love to fill your heart with knowing, faith to lift your spirit to believe, and beauty to fill your senses everywhere you go.

     Until we meet again, may the path you walk be blessed.

Happy New Year with Love,

Raphaella Vaisseau
Heartful Art, Inc.
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