Abstracts, Hearts and What People Can Do

     It occurred to me after I sent the last e-mail that I hadn't mentioned I closed the gallery in Point Reyes on Halloween, exactly one year after the Sausalito gallery closed in 2006. All my contact information is listed below and is also online. I am now 100% devoted to writing books, articles, creating new art, developing new products, keeping in touch with you, and bringing Heartful Art to more shops, churches, museums and people worldwide.
     Last Saturday I drove into San Francisco to buy art supplies and took my laptop with me. I picked up a sandwich at Lucca's Deli on Chestnut Street, and drove to a hill in Lincoln Park where the Legion of Honor museum sits overlooking the Pacific Ocean, SF, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Inside I found a quiet corner to sit amidst the masterworks of Monet and Rodin with my laptop and write. The sounds of footsteps, gasps and whispers, a nice backdrop for my concentration on my work as people came and went in the halls of the museum throughout the afternoon.
     Perhaps in 2008 I will have my first museum show.
Stormy Seas
10x10 Stormy Seas - $186

$5.00 - $18.00
More magnets here
5x5 - Grid 10 giclee print - $34
Heart of Tropical Fruit
4x4 Heart of Tropical Fruit - $35

A favorite heart print
Two Hearts in Love
4x6 Two hearts in Love - $43

More Heart Originals
Heart of Source
4x4 Heart of Source - $35

Helen Keller's wisdom
Blue Steps
10x10 Blue Steps $186

What one person can do
Heart of Togetherness
36x36 Heart of Togetherness $1050

Another big heart
Blue Maize
10x10 Blue Maize $186

What we can do
2x3 Love is patient and Kind magnet - $5      As we move through the holidays this year, I'm feeling especially grateful to have known you through my art. Thank you so much for embracing the colors I paint for you, the words I find and write for you, and the sincerity with which I share my gifts.
     I am a student of life and you are all my teachers. Your children, your parents, your partners in love, your wisdom and your possibililities, all of it good. Bless you. Bless your days and your nights. Bless your beginnings and your endings. Bless your lessons and your bright ideas. I have confidence in you as I have in myself. Together we are celebrating life with each kind word, with each selfless act, with each step forward, and with a knowing deep within our souls that we are One.
     Until we meet again, remember, everything is perfect. We are safe and loved.


Raphaella Vaisseau
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