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We are overjoyed about connecting with you.  This newsletter is designed to keep you informed about what's happening before it becomes major news to the rest of the world and to provide you with tools and resources to educate and empower you and your sphere of influence one person at a time.   So please forward, tweet, facebook, and share this newsletter with your friends and family by any means necessary, because we will also announce a few contests as well as opportunities to attend a few special events in the coming months. 


Thank you for being a part of our movement . . . stay tuned and stay blessed!


Hip Hop Sisters Network


Pack your bags. . . that's right, Sunni Gyrl is planning MC Lyte's Celebrity New Years Eve Party December 30, 2012 thru January 1, 2013, in collaboration with Hip Hop Sisters, so get ready to pack your bags for three days and 2 nights of empowerment, education, inspiration . . . and FUN in the SUN!  There will be a discount for Hip Hop Sisters Network members who make their deposits by a certain date, but it will only last a short time!  Shhhhhhh!!  But how long do you think this will be a secret?!?  It won't last long, but we're telling you now because we want you to know how much we appreciate you.  So, get your crew and get ready to secure your space before we make the big announcement to the rest of the world. Early Bird discounted pricing is under $500 per person forprivate opening night reception with MC Lyte for first 50 only, the Celebrity New Years Eve party, Get Your Body Tight & Get Your Money Right Empowerment Session, 3 days and 2 nights lodging with 4 in a room -- airfare not included).  

Get Your $$ Ready, so you'll be set to go!  :)



Get Your Body Right! 

Get Your Body Right is the signature health initiative of Hip Hop Sisters designed to provide you with resources to get your mind, body and spirit in alignment with your destiny.  STAY TUNED . . .



HHSA memberAtLas', (sounds like "at last" without the "t") has been on the front line for Hip Hop Sisters since the beginning.  She's a military vet, fitness coach, mother, and a woman who loves hip hop!   Check her out:   Hip Hop Sisters Artistry




HHSN advisory board member Chilli, from the popular group TLC, has a camp for young girls taking place in Atlanta this summer with her foundation: Chilli's Crew.  Send us a quick note if you know a young lady who might benefit from this three day camp. 

Way to go Chilli!  

MC Lyte 
A Vision Realized 


At last,

my non-profit organization,

Hip Hop Sisters, 

has launched! 


My vision has been to empower, educate and inspire generations of women through unity and hip hop through whatever means God provides for me. 


I am pleased that He is allowing me to share this gift with you by leveraging the wisdom of generations of women to inspire, empower and educate today's youth. 


Today, I'm just saying "hello" and "welcome!"  There's more to come in the near future.


Blessings . . .








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MC Lyte