February 2012
Issue No 1.

150th Anniversary
Carson Griffin
The Transylvania County's Sesquicentennial Year Celebration was truly a year to remember. Much was accomplished in historic preservation, and a new interest in history has been created. We would like to thank Transylvania County, the Sesquicentennial Committee, and Carson Griffin for all the hard work they did throughout the year to set the stage for us. 

We are excited that we can carry this momentum forward and continue to educate people both young and old, about the history of our county.

Sincerely - Rebecca Suddeth, Executive Director
"Perseverance, Strength and Faith: The African American Experience in Transylvania County"  
The Transylvania Heritage Museum will open for the year on February 18, 2012. Our featured exhibit will be "Perseverence, Strength and Faith: The African American Experience in Transylvania County". The opening ceremony will be at 1 p.m. Please make plans to attend.
The Transylvania Heritage Coalition, partnering with the TCIO and the African American Community, has created this special exhibit. It celebrates the history and heritage of African Americans in Transylvania County over the past one hundred and fifty years. Real stories of trials and triumphs will be an integral part of the exhibit. A series of panels will chronicle the journey of the African American from slavery to the present day. Topics will include community life, churches, schools, businesses and employment. Display cases of artifacts to demonstrate and accentuate that journey will be on display as well. The exhibit will open at the Transylvania Heritage Museum during Black History Month on February 18th, and continue through June 30th. 


Come Volunteer!
Charles Whitmire and Yvonne Dickson
The Museum is always looking for new volunteers. Greeter training will include training in the Gift Shop as well as background on the current exhibit. It is not necessary to attend both sessions-the alternative days are set to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend one session. There will be scheduled Guided Walking Tours in Brevard this year between May and October. If you would like to be a greeter, or a Walking Tour guide, please contact us by calling (828) 884-2347 or by emailing heritage@comporium.net.


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Need photos or additional information? Contact Leigh Trapp, Publicity Chair at 949.610.5570 or email leightrapp@mac.com
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Thank You To Our 2011 Sponsors!
We would like to thank the following Sponsors for their support during 2011: Alvaro Lopez, DDS; Automated Results; Bi-lo; Blue Ridge Bakery; Blue Ridge Savings Bank; Brevard Retirement Investors, Inc.; Burlingame POA; Comporium; Copy Cats; Holbrook & Nichols Construction; Jerome & Summey Insurance; Kmart; Mark Willis Grading, Inc.; Mountain Internet; Roess Mechanical, Inc.; Rowell Bosse Estate; Sassafras Productions; Subway; Susan Breedlove Properties; Town of Rosman; White Squirrel Shop. 

We also thank the Transylvania County Sesquicentennial Committee and the Transylvania Endowment for program support through grant awards.

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Calendar Items

* February 11th:
Planning Retreat for Board Members. 10:00 a.m- 4:00 p.m.

* February 18th: 
Exhibit opening. Preseverence, Strength and Faith: The African American Experience in Transylvania County. 1:00 p.m.

* February 21: 
Greeter Training at the Museum. 2:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

* February 28: 
Greeter Training at the Museum. 10:00 a.m. Light refreshments will be served.