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BlackBerry is "Old School"
"Siri" - Your Personal Assistant
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Jack Castaneda
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Are you ready to toss your BlackBerry, because it's just so yesterday? Do you want an iPhone 4S, but the wait is 2 to 3 weeks?     

Get the iPHONE 4S FAST


If you're ready to step up to the iPhone 4S, we can have it delivered to your home or office in 48 hours! We are CBS Telecom, a providerapple-iphone-4s of custom package deals for Internet and phone services tailored to your specific needs, whether business or personal. We've developed relationships with all the leading Internet and telecom companies, and Apple. If you've encountered long wait times for your iPhone 4S with an Apple retailer, come talk to us!  


Savvy folks are turning to the new iPhone 4S and leaving their BlackBerrys behind. That's because the iPhone 4S is a smarter device, with easy web interface, access to nearly any application with cloud computing, and a more user-friendly design with bigger buttons and display.

BlackBerry is "Old School"
Broken BlackBerry


BlackBerry uses a proprietary operating system, and therefore users are restricted to using its proprietary applications. When the BlackBerry goes down, as it did in the recent global outage suffered by its parent company, Research in Motion, users were completely cut off for several days from email and mobile applications, text messages and voice calls. While companies like to make their products proprietary so that they are the only game in town and can charge more, that line of thinking is old school, inconvenient and rapidly losing ground.


If "proprietary" is old school, "sharing" is new school and the Apple iPhone delivers it in spades. The Apple iPhone uses cloud computing where shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and handheld devices as a utility (like electricity) over the Internet. 

"Siri" - Your Personal Assistant
Siri on iPhone


iPhone 4S also has a Personal Assistant application that's a great resource for answers when you need them fast. Known as "Siri," it is remarkably smart, and has personality to boot - even, one might say - a little bit of attitude. Siri also does more. It lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls and remind you of important tasks, all by just talking the way you talk. With Siri, "Your wish is its command." One blog writer calls Siri a "seriously cool feature," and a "game changer."

The iPhone 4S is the best of the next generation of smart phones that combine phone and laptop capabilities for home or business use. If your current phone contract is about to end, contact Jack at CBS Telecom to get an iPhone 4S right away. There is no charge for our services, and we'll help you get the best service, with the best options, at the best price.




Jack Castaneda
Communication Business Services, Inc.

CBS Telecom was born the same year as the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The act, signed by congress, deregulated local phone companies like AT&T and Verizon and forced them to open up local phone business to competition. This created a huge opportunity for companies to save money.

And that is just what CBS Telecom has been doing. Now for over 10 years. If you would like to save money for your business (who wouldn't!), let us audit your bills and provide free quotes on business communications services. Our business is to save you money. Try us - it's risk-free! 

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