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Issue: 2October 2011
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Column Guards
More floor space out of thin air?
Mezzanine Floor, AS Watson - Dunstable
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Column Guard
Column Guards
Used in our recent project for The Perfume Shop/AS Watson in Dunstable, our column guards provide a neat and space saving solution to our requirement to protect your new or existing Mezzanine structure. Contact us for more details.
Eurosafe UK CDM Competent Certification
Complete Mezzanines are proud to annouce that we now have been awarded with the Eurosafe UK CDM Competent Certification.

You can rest assured that we have the skiils, experience and procedures in place to make your project run smoothly.
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Welcome to the Complete Mezzanines Ltd October 2011 Newsletter.


More floor space out of thin air?
Maximise use of your building's height with minimal expenditure


Over the past few months, we have found that clients are increasingly looking to make their infrastructure work harder for them. 


Here at Complete Mezzanines Ltd, we always have our company mantra in mind - Utilising the Cube. We believe that this can lead to cost savings and maximum utilisation of your business assets by building into space you may not previously 

have considered.

Mezzanine Over Loading Bays


As our recent Mezzanine floor project for The Perfume Shop/AS Watson in Dunstable shows, you can:

  • Install a serviced Mezzanine floor from 120 per metre squared.   
  • Use 'dead' areas of space which you would have previously thought unusable i.e. above loading bays.    
  • Continue to use despatch bays with column guards positioned to allow safe and continued ease of access.    
  • Create secure areas for new or high value product lines, away from your core business.    
  • Save increased ongoing running costs such as business rates, light and heat.

All without moving premises or making expensive additions to your warehouse, with all the cost and disruption which that involves.


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Mezzanine Upper Level



Call us today to discuss your requirements. We'll be glad to help you Utilise Your Building Cube.




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