MARCH 2012

anniversaryIt only happens once. You want to be there. You really do.

The Friends of Madera Canyon 25th Anniversary schedule can be seen by clicking here, but before you do that make sure all your calendars reserve April 14th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM for a Day in Madera Canyon.

You do want to be there.
  • Meet friends old and new
  • Have lunch in the Canyon
  • Hear The Rainy Creek Band
  • Meet artists and enjoy art demonstrations
  • See live reptiles
  • Do some birding with a master guide
  • See Canyon geology with an accessible expert
  • Enjoy walks and hikes from short and gentle to long and strenuous 
  • See or do activities for children
  • See and hold some natural history

photo25th Anniversary Photo Contest
The March 14 deadline for the Friends of Madera Canyon 25th Anniversary celebration is rapidly approaching.  Please send us some of your best photographs taken of or in the canyon. Even if you don't consider them contest winning material, we'd like to see them and potentially use them to introduce others to a great public resource.  Click here for contest details.

The contest will award first through third places and honorable mentions in four categories:

  • Wildlife
  • Botanical
  • Landscapes/Scenery
  • Young (age twelve and under) Photographer (any subject)

In a separate category, Historical, pictures will be featured and appreciated but not judged. This category seeks pictures taken at least twenty years ago. It invites up to twenty submissions from the same person and offers scanning assistance if needed.   


Photographers of all levels of experience are encouraged to enter. One of your pictures, prize winning or not, could be the inspiration for a first visit or a long involvement with Madera Canyon.


For more information click  here.   


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Music in the Canyon
musiccanyonMusic in the Canyon will bring two concerts and one special event this spring.

On April 1, 2012 at 3:00 PM the
Cactus Country Band will play Proctor Ramada for their third season with us.  The band is always sold out, so get your tickets early.  You can buy online at the Friends website or at the Green Valley-Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center, 275 W. Continental Rd. #123  Tickets are $10.00.

Gary Finke is lead Cactus Country Band vocalist and guitarist.  He is joined by Rusty Ford, vocalist, bassist and guitarist;  Dave Stewart  on the Dobro; and Chris Heckler on electric bass and guitar. 

Wind of the Heart will grace Proctor Ramada on April 22nd at 3:00 PM. Carl Perry, Keith Stanford and Ed Pendrys present a concert of Native American Flute music.  Carl Perry is a teacher of beginning flute. Keith Stanford makes native flutes, teaches the flute and produces instructional videos.  Ed Pendrys is the Past President of the Tucson Native American Flute Circle as well as teaching beginning flute. 

The Wind of the Heart concert is $10.00 and should not be missed.  Native American flutes will be echoing throughout the Proctor Ramada area.  Tickets, $10.00, are available online and at the Chamber of Commerce. 

On April 14th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM  Yvette and the Rainy Creek Band are playing at the White House Picnic Area Ramada as part of the anniversary celebrationTickets are not needed and you can enjoy lunch from the Outlaw BBQ while listening. 
Nature Series

natureseriesThe Nature Series concludes on Tuesday April 3rd at 2:00 PM with Dr. Susan Wethington, Executive Director, Hummingbird Monitoring Network at the Community Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $5 at the door. George West will be signing his book Do Hummingbirds Hum? which is on sale for the first time by the Friends. The book price is $16.00.

Canyon Graffiti

GraffitiWe are happy to report that the Forest Service is taking action to remove graffiti from the Canyon in a way that minimizes harm.  It is likely already removed as you read this. The Forest Service asks that we do not attempt to remove or cover graffiti on our own.

It will rarely occur, but if you see damage being done while you are in the Canyon, please report it by calling 911 unless a ranger is in the immediate area. Do nothing that would compromise your safety.

 MembershipMembership Renewals

Again we thank members for renewing your membership for 2012!  If you have not yet renewed and have lost your dues envelope you can just send us a check for $35 (PO Box 1203, Green Valley, AZ 85622) or you can renew on our web site using PayPal or your credit card (click here).

Thanks to loyal members
the Friends of Madera Canyon is going strong.

WhatbirdWhat Bird Is This
Again we have a tough test for experienced birders and another for the rest of us.

Here are two tough ones:

George West writes, "Here are two brown-streaked birds in the bushes. Many amateur birders call these "LBJs" or Little Brown Jobs and let them go as they are too hard to identify. Both are common grassland birds in Arizona in winter. See if you can figure them out."

What birds are these? Click here for the answer.

For the rest of us: 


eorge says, "This is one of the most abundant birds in southeastern Arizona in winter - maybe not up in Madera Canyon but certainly in the grassland bajada and in the weed fields and brush of the Santa Cruz River valley."

The newsletter publisher made an immediate and confident identification only to learn he was only partially correct.  Check yourself here.

Pictures and descriptions compliments of George West.

springbirdsSpring Birds in the Canyon
Thanks to birder and nature guide Laurens Halsey the latest comprehensive description of birds found in and around the Canyon is available on the website.  Laurens also provides group and individual guiding services. More information can be found at The Desert Harrier.

 PoloPolo Shirts on Sale
History Book Revised and Updated 

While supplies last, Friends of Madera Canyon polo shirts are available at a member price of $20.00 each, a four dollar saving.

A History of Madera Canyon, newly revised, is now available. At a cost of $4.00 each you may want to buy several copies and use some as gifts.

Both items can be ordered at the Friends Nature Shop.

Board Members
Tom Purdon (President), Willem Van Kempen, (Vice-President), Eileen Buckel (Secretary), Louise Gibbeson (Treasurer, Special Events), George Cottay (VP Marketing, Newsletter Publisher, Web Master), Dita-Erika Hagen (Archives, Preservation, Nominating, Marketing), Tamara Kahrimanis (Adult Education Programs), Wally Lamb (Visitor Information Station, Storage and Inventory), Jerry Popham (Bat House Research, Special Projects, Mailing), Judy Thoreson (Miles and Hours, Annual Meeting), Judy Maury (Marketing Group), Larry Johnson (VP Operations).

Doug Moore (Director of Education), Carol Lambert (Fund Raising, Special Projects, Finance/Audit), Phil English (Boy Scouts), Ruth Maloblocki (Retail Sales), Sondra Dexter (Scholarships), Mike Staples (Canyon Clean-up), Ellen and George West (Membership and Dues Administration), George West (Newsletter Editor), Rozanne Roman (Accessible Trails).

Thank You for Your Support

Upcoming Events

March 14th, 2012 is the Photo Contest Deadline. 


On April 1, 2012 at 3:00 PM the Cactus Country Band will play Proctor Ramada. More information here.


Nature Series - Tuesday April 3rd at 2:00 PM is the final event of this year's spring Nature Series. The presenter is Dr. Susan Wethington, Executive Director, Hummingbird Monitoring Network.  Community Performing Arts Center. Tickets $5.00 at the door. or by calling 399-1750  


Saturday, April 14th is the Friends of Madera Canyon 25th Anniversary Celebration. Reserve the whole day.

April 22nd at 3:00 PM is the final Music in the Canyon with Wind of the Heart at Proctor Ramada. More information here.

GV village market

Thanks to the work of several members we continue introducing people to the Canyon and the Friends at the Wednesday Farmer's Market. Dita Hagen has taken most of  the setup and take down load. Judy Maury is organizing volunteers. Thanks to all involved! 

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