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Featured Title
telegraph avenue cover image

Telegraph Avenue   

by Michael Chabon    

Price: $27.99      

Did you enjoy the movie You've Got Mail? Or Nick Hornby's High Fidelity? If so, Michael Chabon's
Telegraph Avenue could very possibly be the 1980's love child of these two titles. Archy Stallings and Nat Jaffe run a small independent record store called Brokeland Records on the historic Telegraph Avenue that bridges Berkeley and Oakland, California.  
While it may take a bit to get into the real stories in this novel, according to Michiko Kakutani of the New York Times, "Although the novel gets off to a somewhat sluggish start, it soon achieves escape velocity, demonstrating that Mr. Chabon can write about just about anything - be it the joys of music on vinyl, the history of kung fu movies, the pain of giving birth, the antics of an African gray parrot or the artistry of Quentin Tarantino. And write about it not as an author regurgitating copious amounts of research, but with a real, lived-in sense of empathy and passion."
If you enjoy quirky, well-written characters living a dichotomy of plausible and impossible lives, this really is the perfect book for you.
Featured Title

driftless cover image


David Rhodes       

Price: $16.00   

This book, by David Rhodes, was published in 2008 and a number of copies have been sold in the store. It was time to read it and it is now one of our favorite books. The title refers to the Driftless region of Southwestern Wisconsin which was not rearranged by the last glacial period. A hilly part of the State, dotted with small towns and dairy farms. Within this landscape the author's magical prose brings a cast of characters vividly to life which evokes images so real that you are drawn into the pages as if you were actually there. This is a poignant story about the difficult life on small dairy farms and the townspeople whose community is fading away. As the story evolves these unique, and often solitary, characters are brought together in surprising ways and the outcome of their interactions will leave you surprised and wondering what happens next. This book will grab you in the first chapter and you won't be able to put it down so expect to stay up late. 

Featured Titles

echo through the snow cover image 

An Echo Through the Snow

Andrea Thalasinos
Price: $

As one reviewer described it, Andrea Thalasinos's debut novel is an inspiring story of how a single act of kindness can transform your life. Rosalie MacKenzie is headed nowhere until she sees Smokey, a Siberian husky suffering from neglect. Rosalie finds the courage to rescue the dog, and-united by the bond of love that forms between them-they save each other. Soon Rosalie and Smokey are immersed in the world of competitive dogsled racing. Days are filled with training runs, the stark beauty of rural Wisconsin, and the whoosh of runners on snow. Alternating between early 1900's Siberia and present-day Bayfield, telling of a struggling Chukchi family and a young woman discovering herself, An Echo Through the Snow takes readers on a gripping, profound, and uplifting dogsled ride to the Iditarod and beyond, on a journey of survival and healing. An excellent read to get you in the mood for winter! 
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In our ongoing effort to raise the literary and technological awareness of the esteemed readers of our Newsletter, we would like to introduce a revolutionary new product: the Bio-Optically Organized Knowledge device, commercially called the "BOOK." We, of course, will continue to offer less edgy technologies such as the "E-BOOK" on our website.

The "BOOK" is a revolutionary technological breakthrough:

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(From content by Leerestademoda. See its hilarious presentation at www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhcPX1wVp38)


We look forward to seeing you all and helping you with all of your BOOK needs! Don't forget, if you're not in town, visit our website and you can still support us from a distance!

Happy reading,
All of us at AIB
Upcoming events  


Thomas Heberlein, author of

Navigating Environmental Attitudes (on sale September 24th)
When: Sunday, September 30th at 2pm
Where: Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters, with signing to follow at Apostle Islands Booksellers

lighthouse road cover image  

Peter Geye, author of The Lighthouse Road (on sale October 2nd)
When: Saturday, October 27 at 2pm
Where: Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters, with signing to follow at Apostle Islands Booksellers



tricksters point cover image



William Kent Krueger, author of Trickster's Point (on sale August 21st)
When: Saturday, November 3 at 2pm

Where: Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters, with signing to follow at Apostle Islands Booksellers 

What we're reading  


Navigating Environmental Attitudes
Thomas Heberlein 


Tom Heberlein is an habitué of the Northwoods and of Bayfield in particular. That should not belie the global reach and intellectual heft of his counter-intuitive and captivating new book on environmental policy-making. His ingenious use of whitewater paddling as a metaphor and the evolving ecological consciousness of Aldo Leopold as a leitmotif make for a pleasurable read where one might have expected the turgid prose of the social psychologist. Heberlein's long experience in jousting the environmental windmills and his scholarly evaluation of pro-environmental initiatives makes his case especially compelling. You will come away from this book with a new awareness and appreciation for the nuanced distinctions among attitudes, beliefs, values, norms and ethics as the drivers of environmental action. They matter!

lighthouse road cover image The Lighthouse Road
Peter Geye


As a bookstore, our very survival depends upon our selection of local and regional authors and books about and/or set in the Apostle Islands, Chequamegon region, Lake Superior, the Great Lakes and the Northwoods. It is especially gratifying when those selections have true literary value and a strong readership. The jackpot is when one of these titles emerges into the realm of world class. With its way paved by his excellent first novel Safe from the Sea, Peter Geye's follow-up,The Lighthouse Road reaches that lofty peak. Set in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Geye's characters - immigrants, loggers, quacks, lovers and bootleggers - struggle and eke out a perilous existence on the roughhewn and sometimes violent north shore of Lake Superior. Young Thea Eide arrives alone from Norway and finds herself in the kitchen of a remote logging camp. She is raped and gives birth to a son - Odd Eide. Thus begins the epic of a misbegotten family - love and suffering, betrayal and redemption, hope and defeat. The story floats on the surface and along the north shore of the greatest lake.


Note: This book will be available for purchase at Apostle Islands Booksellers on October 2nd!
yellow birds cover image Yellow Birds
Kevin Powers


An interesting and poignant series of novels emerged from the chaos of Vietnam - The Things They Carried, Going After Cacciato, Paco's Story, The Sorrow of War and several others. A line of similar work is beginning to trickle out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the most powerful and heart-wrenching is The Yellow Birds, by Kevin Powers. The story follows two boys - Bartle (21) and Murph (18) - and their platoon during its siege of Al Tafar, Iraq. Their Sergeant, Sterling, is the catalyst for the progressive deterioration of their lives and hopes. Poetically written, tragically contemporary.
A closing thought...    


demaris and michael perry image We were reminded last week of the debt of gratitude we owe our friends in the author world. Michael Perry sat with us for hours, read for us, signed for us and engaged our community with his inimitable good humor and gracious manner. Recent visits by Russ Feingold, among others, and upcoming visits from William Kent Krueger, Peter Geye, and others reveal the generosity of spirit that informs the pens (or keyboards) of these fine writers.
michael perry signing image It is no accident that they are perennially among our best sellers. More importantly, they bring to our town (now less than Population 485!) significant cultural events that would otherwise be beyond our reach. Eager readers jam the Big Water Cafe and then spill across the street to have their books autographed in our store. We, of course, express our thanks to the point of obsequiousness, but we would like to share our appreciation here with our faithful reading public.

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