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Featured Title
apostle islands by blacklock image

Apostle Islands: From Land and Sea

Craig Blacklock   

Published: Blacklock Photography Galleries      

Price: $8.95 & $34.95  

The beauty of our namesake Apostle Islands is legendary. Never before have they been captured with such splendor and intimacy. Craig Blacklock arrives by sea kayak and shoots the spectacular sea caves, pristine beaches, light houses, flora, and fauna in brilliant color prints. There is a succinct introductory page of text and the rest is gorgeous color. There are two versions of the book: the Gallery Edition is 10 x 12 inches and 72 pages - coffee table style; the Souvenir Edition is 6.75 x 8 inches and 48 pages - quick reference style. Craig has simultaneously released a similar pair of books on the Pictured Rocks of the Upper Peninsula - equally beautiful. But, the Apostle Islands are home!
Featured Title

ender's game cover image

Ender's Game   

Orson Scott Card  

Published: Tor Science Fiction (July 15, 1994)  

Price: $6.99


So, you think that sending children to fight the battles of their elders began with The Hunger Games? Think again! At age 6, Ender Wiggin is drafted into the orbital Battle School for rigorous military training to defend the earth from the predation of an alien insect-like force called the "buggers." The result of both genetic engineering and scrupulous selection, a group of children is being competitively trained for the role of Fleet Admiral as the last best chance to defeat the invaders. Ender is the best of them. While nominally Science Fiction, it would fascinate the lovers of The Hunger Games and its sequels as well as Harry Potter fans. It might be especially accessible to lovers of video games - young and old. Like The Hunger Games it has interesting sequels, prequels and related works derived from the same settings and characters. Watch out! It's addictive! 
Featured Title

wild cover image

Cheryl Strayed  

Published: Knopf 2012 

Price: $25.95


What could possibly inspire a young northern Minnesota woman to don a backpack so heavy she can barely lift it and set out on a 1,100-mile trek through the California/Oregon wilderness alone? She could only struggle forward "Hunching in a Remotely Upright Position," in brand new boots a size too small, and with no previous backpacking experience. You have to read this book to find out. Wild is a compelling personal story told honestly with a fierceness and clarity that at times leaves you feeling like you've been gut-punched and at other times laughing out loud. Strayed's insights and her revealing and precise narrative of her breakdown and how her journey into the wilderness ultimately led to her healing is a very satisfying read.

Featured Title

farmstead chef cover image

Farmstead Chef
John Ivanko & Lisa Kivirist  

Published: New Society Publishers 

Price: $19.95


This is so much more than a cookbook. This is the story of how Wisconsin B&B owners John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist left the corporate world behind them to embrace organic gardening, cooking, and running a sustainable business. As you read their stories, you might start to think, "Hey, I could do that!" Of course, not many of us are in the position to manage chickens, an off-the-grid power system, herb gardens, and of course daily guests. Filled with mouth watering recipes you will definitely learn to appreciate the beauty of creating food from your own bounty - it truly does taste better when you grew it yourself. Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth and The End of Nature may have put it best, "We need to view food as something important again, worth taking the time to seek out and to cook. I'm eager to try the recipes in Farmstead Chef - they promise a taste at once refreshing and deeply hopeful." 

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Bayfield Author Howard Paap reads from his latest book May 20th! See below for event details.


Well folks, we have reached a milestone! May 21, 2012 marks the second anniversary of our official opening. In some ways, it seems like it has flown by. In other ways, it's hard to imagine a time when we weren't doing this. One thing for sure is that, from the very beginning, we have been blessed with an incredibly talented and generous team of friends, colleagues, and workers who helped us every step of the way. At the outset, our great friend Reed Realty's Gennifer Reed, helped us acquire this gem of a building on Bayfield's main street. When the word got out we were opening a bookstore, Richard and Carol Avol of Chequamegon Books in Washburn, with a combined seven decades of experience in the book business (compared to our combined zero years in books or even retail!), rather than viewing us as competition, offered us their advice and counsel simply because they believe (as do we) "the more the merrier"!  


To get the job done, the Avols introduced us to Jim Wargin of Washburn who, with his terrific team of builders and subcontractors, dove right into a seven-month marathon of stripping the building back to its bones and reconstructing it along the lines we created with architect Jill Lorenz. He handcrafted the beautiful bookshelves and island displays that make it feel so much like home. Tessa Levens worked her magic on the paint and finish work while Bob Holton, creative designer, painter, and illustrator, gifted us with his whimsical talents to create the Children's Section and other artwork in the windows and throughout the shop. He even painted the front of the building finishing the stoop the day of our opening! The final touches in front were the beautiful iron railing crafted by Ashland Area artist Michael Jones and, just last year, the addition of fresh begonia plantings from Bailey's Greenhouse in the hills above Bayfield. Once Jill O'Neill helped us create our logo and Kathy Wendling worked with us to build our website, we were ready to open the doors. So, every time you come in or call us, all of those people (and even more but I couldn't name everyone!) welcome you with all they have done, and many continue to do, to make our shop what it is.


We have also been extraordinarily fortunate from the very beginning to have had the best staff we could have ever imagined - actually better than we could have imagined. I am not overstating it! A few have moved on to find their fortunes in the greater world - Collin Leino especially we will always miss. Joe Defoe we hope will come back from time to time when he can. And the rest have stayed with us working as needed and as their time allows. Kristen Sandstrom who opened with us in 2010 became Store Manager last year and is doing a super job. And we have two new employees we are very excited to introduce. We've asked each of them to write a little something about themselves (see below) so you can begin to get to know them.  

Apostle Islands Booksellers staffSo, one year was significant, but having reached two years, I guess we can say we'll be around awhile! Thanks for your support and interest all along. Please always feel free to give us feedback and ideas to help serve you. We love having the shop and want it to be a great experience for our customers.


Happy reading,  

Demaris Brinton & Theron O'Connor  

We'd like to introduce our team!  


Store Mascot  

kia photoKia, whom many of you have met, is our 2 1/2 year old Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature husky). She spends most of her shop time quietly beneath the cash wrap, generally only venturing out if the shop is sparsely peopled or she suspects a treat might be had (from our UPS or Fed Ex delivery folks for example), or if lifted out to meet a customer who has spotted her.  She is a sweet soul, just very shy.  


Kristen Sandstrom
Store Manager

kristen photoBorn and raised in southern Wisconsin, Kristen grew up spending her summers at her grandparents cabin on Madeline Island. In 1995 her parents purchased the Pinehurst Inn, and the rest of the family slowly followed them to Bayfield. Kristen studied British Literature in college (with an emphasis on the Bard!), and has worked in retail and customer service for over 20 years. Working at Apostle Islands Booksellers has been the best combination of all of Kristen's loves; books, Bayfield, Lake Superior, family and friends. Her literary tastes are very diverse ranging from Shakespeare to Erik Larson to Christopher Moore.   


Jack Beagan

jack photoAs one of the senior staff members I have had the privilege of working in the store since the very beginning and feel blessed to be surrounded by millions of words that our fellow humans have put to paper for us to savor and enjoy. While this may be a small store by some peoples standards the broad variety of titles and genre can satisfy the needs of any reader's appetite. My greatest pleasure working here at the store comes from the wonderful conversations with customers about what books or subject interests them and then helping them find the book that is exactly what they are looking for. I am working on publishing my own book of poetry later this summer and I hope to see it offered for sale right here at the store.   


Lois Albrecht  

Lois photoLois began her professional career in libraries at Michigan State University, then to Washington, D.C., and Bayfield Carnegie Library.   She's been a Bayfield resident, volunteer, fundraiser and Chequamegon Bay enthusiast for over 30 years. Currently, she's friend-raising full time for Northland College, but can't resist spending at least a few hours a month at Apostle Islands Booksellers.



Ann Schram

Ann photoAs I begin my second season with Apostle Islands Booksellers, I look forward to meeting the new customers and visiting with previous ones. I love reading books and enjoy discussing them with other people. The shores of Lake Superior have been my home for most of my life. In my free time, my husband and I continue to explore and enjoy the area.  


Thom Rauch

Thom photoThom Rauch is a senior at Northland College who is majoring in writing and nature and humanities studies.  Born in Germany he grew up in Virginia and moved to Milwaukee, WI at 16.  A veteran who served in the Air Force for six years and deployed to Iraq as a meteorologist for the 1st Infantry Division out of Ft. Riley, Kansas, he loves fishing, hunting, foraging, traditional, and primitive skills. His Boykin Spaniel "Finn" and, of course, books.  He chose Northland College because of the small but strong community of students past and present and to be closer to the north woods.  Mark Twain, Neil Gaiman, and George R.R. Martin are among his favorite authors and he especially loves spoken word poetry.      


Marissa Fish
marissa photoMarissa Fish grew up in Ashland, WI and has spent much of her adult life in the Chequamegon Bay area. Many of those years were spent working as a self-employed electrical contractor, but she has recently decided to go back to school and find a different path. She is currently pursuing a double major at Northland College in Writing and Geology. Working at a bookstore will be a welcome change after years of pulling wires and running power tools.
Howard Paap Reading & Signing
Sunday, May 20th, 2:00pm   
view from creek cover imgeJoin us at Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters on May 20th at 2pm for a special reading from local author Howard Paap's latest collection, A View From the Creek: Notes From Lake Superior's Ojibwe Country. Howard resides in Bayfield with his wife, where he spends most of his time writing. Howard is also the author of A Northern Land, a memoir of his time of the nearby Red Cliff Ojibwe Reservation, and Raspberry River, a collection of short stories.


Here are a few comments from Claire Duquette, former editor of the Ashland Daily Press:
"Howard Paap observes his beloved northwoods with the insight of an academic and the passion of a man who has devoted his life to understanding northern Wisconsin and the people living here. Whether out walking his four-legged friends on a sun-dappled country road in the autumn sun or taking part in the life of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa community, when something "sets him to thinking," this master essayist offers up a gentle tale guaranteed to make you think, too."


When: Sunday, May 20th at 2pm
Where: Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters, 117 Rittenhouse Avenue
with signing to follow at Apostle Islands Booksellers, 112 Rittenhouse Avenue
Cost: FREE!

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