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April 2012
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Featured Title
guy noir and the straight skinny cover image

Guy Noir and the Straight Skinny     

Garrison Keillor  

Published: Penguin    

Price: $15.00


All of our "local" authors are "above average." We define "local" in certain cases to embrace Twin Cities authors who spend time with us up here in Bayfield. And we define Garrison Keillor as "way above average." His new book brings the famous radio private eye, Guy Noir, from NPR's A Prairie Home Companion from the airwaves to the written page. This is serious stuff! How can it not be with characters like Joey Roast Beef and Johnny Banana? The caper is a surefire big money diet scheme where Guy and his sidekick, Naomi Fallopian, face off with a slapstick group including Mr. Kress of the FDA. Also available in audio. 
Featured Titles

history of a pleasure seeker cover image


History of a Pleasure Seeker  

Richard Mason 

Published: Knopf (2012) 

Price: $25.95


This book, while not necessarily for the faint at heart, is simply an enjoyable read. Set in Amsterdam in 1907, the book's main character, Piet Barol, is a classic, seductive, golden boy who comes from modest means, but rises with the help of good looks and some common-sense charm that carries him a long way. Piet's goal is to make enough money to live a life of means. Through a passionate affair, a compassionate relationship with his student and a trusting relationship with his employer, Piet finds a way to do just that.

While the reader may never know exactly how they feel towards this character of Piet, they will most definitely feel seduced by him. Mason does a beautiful job painting a picture of turn of the century Europe. If you are looking for an easy read that will simply take you to another world; this is your book!   
Featured Titles

rhubarb rennaisence cover image


Rhubarb Rennaissance
Kim Ode 

Published: Minnesota Historical Society Press

Price: $16.95


Here in the North we know Spring has come when the Rhubarb makes its dramatic and hearty appearance in its exile along the wall of the shed or barn or on the periphery of the garden. The very robustness of the plant - the spread of dark green leaves and the stiff, ribbed stems - is a challenge to the remnants of winter and an invitation to a new season of home-grown fare. Too many of us think only of rhubarb pie - or rhubarb-strawberry pie to take the tart edge off. Kim Ode disabuses us of that narrow culinary mind. She does include lots of sweets, but the revelation is the appetizers, salads, side dishes, and entrees. How about Spiced Couscous, Pork Morningside, or (astoundingly!) Rhubarb Ketchup? Right now, it's pretty much just rhubarb out there, so get out there and with this book you can start the season with a variety of tasty courses! 
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Spring has certainly arrived. The daffodils are blooming along with the crocuses, and an even bigger sign of spring is the downtown businesses preparing for another successful summer season. As we approach our second anniversary, we feel so very fortunate to have built such a loyal customer base. We also realize that there are people out there who simply don't know what all we have to offer. While we are most definitely a bookseller, we are more than the books on our shelves.  


During these past quieter months, our "special orders" business has multiplied substantially. Local clientele (and some from out of the area as well!) have made a point to come to us to see if we can get that certain title for them before they go to one of the online giants. Yes, this might mean spending a couple more dollars, but it has been worth it in their eyes to support a local business. This business has meant the world to us, and we hope that you'll remember to ask us if we can special order books for you as well. Just because it isn't on our shelves doesn't mean you can't have it in just a few days.  


Another service we offer that you may not know about is our online store. Several of our customers have asked us to explain how our online store works. We have built a partnership with one of our major distributors and our online store is directly linked with their warehouses. While this means that you have access to almost any title, there will still be regional and local titles that you will not be able to purchase online. If this is the case, please email or call us and we can handle those purchases over the phone or via email. Many of these titles come at a discount as well, which would cancel out any shipping costs you'll have. While it maybe confusing, it's important to understand that our online store is supplied through our distributor, not from the shelves of our physical store. 


The online store also includes eBooks! It's important for us to acknowledge this is a growing market - and we can provide eBooks for almost any e-reading device (except for Kindles which are Amazon exclusive). For more information on our eBooks program click on the Blio link in our online store. If you have purchased eBooks from our online store we would love feedback! 


We are continually trying to update and improve our already impressive selection. And, don't forget that in addition to our books, we have a variety of puzzles, cards, and games for you to choose from! We have some beautiful puzzles featuring picturesque photos of Lake Superior, great magnetic car games for both young and old from Magnetic Poetry, and cards made by regional artists such as France Austin Miller and Jeff Rennicke.  


Finally, we just want to thank all of our customers for being so loyal by supporting us year round. As the busier season approaches we look forward to seeing many more of you coming through our door.  


Happy reading,  

Apostle Islands Booksellers 

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Apostle Islands Booksellers our Avid Readers Club?  


We have had our frequent buyer program in effect since we opened, but we're finding that many of our customers still haven't gotten involved or simply don't know about it. We have recently decided that this program needed a better name, so we came up with the Avid Readers Club. 


All you need to do is ask if you are a member of the club the next time you make a purchase at our store. We will track your purchases, and when you reach a cumulative total of $250.00 in purchases, you will receive 15% off of your next purchase! Any in-store purchase made will apply to your club balance (except newspapers).  


If our staff doesn't ask you if you're a member, please be sure to remind us!  

What we're reading...

twenty love poems and a song of despair cover image Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair          

by Pablo Neruda

In recognition of National Poetry Month, we include this lovely little book of love poems by Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda of Chile. While translation from Spanish to English would seem quite simple, it is in fact fiendishly difficult. W.S. Merwin does the absolutely best job possible with these haunting, romantic verses. The Spanish and English versions are on facing pages interspersed with illustrations by Pablo Picasso. These poems were written when he was a young man in the south of Chile recently under the tutelage of Gabriela Mistral another Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet. In his later career he became known as the "Walt Whitman" of Latin American poets, but his deepest and original sensibilities lie in these pages.


ISBN: 9780142437704      

Published: Penguin

Price: $13.00

all the water in the world cover image

All the Water in the World 
George Ella Lyon 


Few read-aloud books succeed when they venture into serious subject matter. This one does! With a lyrical and ear-catching beat, Lyon introduces us to the earth's water cycle. Coupled with the eye-catching digital watercolor collages by Katherine Tillotson, this book is a delight. Water rains and flows and gathers until the finale when a mother's water-sprinkled hair spirals into a cornucopia of tiny plants and critters. It's a visual feast and a sound feast as well when read aloud.


ISBN: 9781416971306  

Published: Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books    

Price: $15.99

A closing thought... 

We have often closed our newsletters with a poem written by a local author, but this month, we have fallen in love with a new childrens book of poetry called Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature. This book is beautifully illustrated and will ignite imagination in both young and old. Here is a piece from the Spring section of the book on this oh-so-blustery Spring day in Bayfield!

outside your window cover imageGull Flight

Flap-flap-flap, flap-flap-flap!
The gull runs into the wind,
wings working hard for takeoff

Flaap! Flaap!
It scoops the air with big, long strokes
and climbs into the sky.

It holds it wings straight and still
to ride the warm air, up, up, up!

Now it bends them to make a W
and slides down the wind
toward the sea.


ISBN: 9780763655495

Published: Candlewick Press     

Price: $19.99

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