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March 2012
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Featured Title
mourad new moroccan cover image

Mourad: New Moroccan    

Mourad Lahlou   

Published: Artisan 2011   

Price: $40.00


This 2012 Nominee for Best Book in the Adult Debut category by the American Booksellers Association is a dazzling collection of delicious Moroccan recipes. There is a certain romance to the culture and foods of Morocco that is becoming increasingly popular. Lahlou has taken what may have been quite complex recipes and adjusted them for the home cook. There is a simple beauty to many of these 170 recipes.
In Mourad's hands, a classic chicken tagine with preserved lemons and green olives is carefully reworked as perfect roast chicken with root vegetables, golden, crisp-skinned, juicy, and has made it entirely "new Moroccan." He shows the reader how to experiment while fixing fried almonds, a delicious bite to begin a meal no matter how they're prepared. Thomas Keller, author of Ad Hoc at Home refers to Lahlou as, "The soul of Moroccan cooking, thoughtfully reimagined and generously shared." This is the perfect book for any cookbook lover with delicious recipes, charming stories, easy to follow instructions, and beautiful photos.  
Featured Titles

The Garden Book for Wisconsin; Month-by-Month Gardening in Wisconsin; Minnesota Gardener's Guide; and many more resource-rich, colorful and informative garden books for the Midwest gardener

Melinda Myers

Published: Cool Springs Press

Price: Varies


Melinda Myers is the pre-eminent and most prolific author on gardening with annuals and perennials in the Midwest. She is known for her gardener friendly and practical approach to gardening. She has more than 30 years of horticulture experience in both hands-on and instructional settings, a master's degree in horticulture, is a certified arborist, was a horticulture instructor with tenure, and is on the board of directors for the International Society of Arboriculture. Many of you might know about her but, for anyone who doesn't, if you live in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, the Dakotas (or in any place with similar growing conditions), you need to have Melinda Myers in your library. Her books are straightforward, well-organized, boldly illustrated and excellent resources for when and how to plant your landscape. Winter came briefly and then left and spring is most definitely around the corner. Watch, now Mother Nature will dump three feet of snow on us in April! Nothing she seems to resent more than being second-guessed or predictable. In any event, it's still a great time to be planning your garden and even ordering seeds and starts. Myers' wide array of books can help you bring your fertile imagination to life!

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Well, March came in like a lion after a lamb of a winter! The channel never fully froze between Bayfield and Madeline Island and therefore no "ice road" and the ferry had to run through the entire winter. That was bad news for the Islanders who had to pay transport all season and bad news for Madeline Island Ferry Line which had no downtime for maintenance and repair. Even the Ice Caves were unreachable except from above. But, the Winter Festival was a great success thanks to a late season blizzard providing us with a couple of feet of snow; there was some superb late season skiing on Mt. Ashwabay; and, our own Jack Beagan here at the store turned 70 and still led all comers in the frigid Polar Plunge into Lake Superior in support of the Bayfield Recreation Center. They're all "good winters"!


There is a simmering dispute in our ranks regarding a growing phenomenon in the book business - that of "authors" signing on as the principal cover name on works apparently written by others whose names are noted less prominently. One of our favorite police procedural authors - James Patterson - has more and more titles like that. On some, the publisher has added a cardboard band around the bottom of the book obscuring the name of the second "author" so it looks as if the book was written solely by James Patterson. Sometimes an author dies and the publishers complete the book in his name. Other examples include Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck - neither of them noted historians - who have their names emblazoned on books about Washington and Lincoln, but it seems apparent that the books were written by the others listed on the covers. Let us know what you think about this practice.


As spring is rapidly approaching we are eagerly preparing for our third summer in business. We have a few staff members returning from last year, and will be hiring some new faces in the coming weeks. While we certainly do enjoy the quieter months - providing us with more time to congregate with friends and family - we truly look forward to seeing all of your familiar faces again this summer!


Happy reading,  

Apostle Islands Booksellers 

Newest Bayfield Author, Frank Graves, releases debut novel on April 1st!  


Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet Frank and learn about his debut novel Balancing Power (note our review below). It's not often in this day and age to have the chance to meet and chat with a WWII veteran! Balancing Power's official release date isn't until mid-April, so this is your chance to get a copy early! 


When: Sunday, April 1st at 2pm  

Where: Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters  


Balancing Power        

by Francis Graves


Each month in these notes we like to highlight the work of a local or regional author and this month it is our own Frank Graves. His new novel, Balancing Power, is an intelligent, well-written and compelling story set in a fictional Central American country - Naranjeras. A democratically-elected president has been ousted in a coup d'etat and the grip of authoritarianism is closing. General Francisco "Pancho" Portero, who commands an elite regional security force, seeks to stem the tide - first in the political realm and then on the battlefield. Graves has a superb grasp of both the strategic and tactical elements of the conflict and relates them in a crisp, exciting military style. He knows whereof he speaks having lived in both Mexico and Panama and having traveled widely throughout Latin America. He also knows the military having served in combat in both WWII (as a junior aide to Gen. George S. Patton) and Korea. Now, age has nothing to do with a good book, but he's a WWII veteran. Do the math!   


Published: Tate Publishing 

Price: $29.99 (paperback) 

What we're reading...

While America Sleeps         

by Russ Feingold

On October 25, 2001, the United States Senate passed H.R. 3162 by a vote of 98-1. 98-1! That bill was entitled The Patriot Act and the lone dissenting vote was that of Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. In his judgment, the law - fast-tracked by the Bush Administration in the wake of 9/11 - "did not strike the right balance between empowering law enforcement and protecting constitutional freedoms." If anything emblemized Senator Feingold's years in the Senate it was this vote - courageous, principled and solitary. His new book recounts that historical Congressional period following 9/11 and up through his defeat in 2010 at the hands of Tea Party activists and Progressive in-activists. He provides a primer for building a new national commitment to political civility at home and engaging in a sober and positive way with rest of the world. Russ spends a lot of time up in these parts (especially on Madeline Island) and we hope he will be available for a reading this summer.


ISBN: 978-0307952523

Published: Crown (February 21, 2012)

Price: $26.00

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick 
Joe Schreiber  


Okay...we admit it! The only reason that this young adult title has been enshrined in these pages as a "Featured Selection" is because of the audacity of the title. That's it! We haven't read it and cannot comment on the content. But, what a delicious title! You can't accuse us of a tiresome list of stodgy reviews! Keep this book face-up on your desk!


Published: Houghton Mifflin  

Price: $16.99

Final thoughts...
  Bayfield from the ferry
We took a ferry ride this morning to explore Madeline Island on this unusually warm winter (or is it spring?) day. Temps are already in the mid-70's today. On our ride back from the Island, we saw our first "swimmers" of the season. Of course, these young boys weren't technically swimming, but they were jumping off of the Beach Club pier into what is sure to be very cold water! These are all signs that the warm summer months will be here before we know it.
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