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New Release!
bad kitty christmas cover image

A Bad Kitty Christmas 

Nick Bruel 

PublishedRoaring Brook / Henry Holt & Co 

Price: $15.99


Finally, after six books in the Bad Kitty series, Bad Kitty gets to tear up the decked halls of the family Christmas. Down goes the Christmas tree; over goes the eggnog and the trash can; and flying goes the manger, the ornaments, the wrapping paper and the ribbons! Bad Kitty hits the road and is taken in by a kind old woman. When Puppy tracks her down, she is reunited with the family and all is forgiven. The story floats on three different alphabets, interesting vocabulary and clever rhymes so it's not just pretty and agitated nonsense, but an opportunity for fun education and life lessons.
Featured Title
11 22 63 cover image

Stephen King

Published:Scribner / Simon & Schuster 

Price: $35.00


Okay, are you ready for a huge suspension of disbelief and ready to embark on an epic odyssey with the incomparable Stephen King? This time it's not the horror element that's gripping, but the handy tool of time travel, a precise destination - Dallas, November 22, 1963 - and the goal of altering history by stopping the Kennedy assassination. It's a rollicking ride in the inimitable King fashion and packed into a thousand page tour de force. It is not historical fiction as such, but rather "alternate" history or "what if..." history. In that genre there are two threads to follow: the historical setting and events themselves; and, the imagined story that flows from the "what if...". King nails them both. The historical research is prodigious and spot on. The story is fantastic and weirdly plausible. Be sure to have some time on your hands for this one - you won't be able to put it down and it takes a long time!

Featured Title

salmela architect book cover 

Salmela | Architect   

Thomas Fisher 

Published: University of Minnesota Press

Price: $34.95


We always try to include a regional title in these selections and this time we feature the designer of a number of local structures. David Salmela, who spends considerable time with us up here in the Northwoods, stands among the leading "critical regionalist" architects in the United States today. He sees the three most crucial issues in contemporary architecture as "the preservation and sensitive use of the natural environment, the preservation and sensitive use of our existing built environment, and the sensitivity of design within the context of the first two." We see these beautifully expressed in our exquisite Wild Rice Restaurant just south of Bayfield and in a number of gorgeous residences on Madeline Island and the mainland. You will find his world-wide reach as well.  The text by Thomas Fisher and the photographs by Peter Bastianelli-Kerze bring David's work alive in this handsome, gift-quality volume.

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While there may not be as much snow on the ground as we'd like, it is clear that winter has arrived. The temps have taken a drop, the lake effect snow has been flying and the stomping of winter boots can be heard outside most doors. Our local ski hill, Mt. Ashwabay opened this past weekend (thanks to the help of their snowmaking machines!), and it was a perfect day for skiing. It was also a perfect day for small town holiday shopping. The stores were pretty busy and people were most definitely in the holiday spirit.


We have been fortunate over the past year and a half to build a dedicated and loyal customer base. It means so much to us to hear that you have made a real effort to support us whenever possible. It's no secret that small independent businesses throughout the country have been fighting a war against the big box stores and online retailers. We feel that we have been winning a few of those battles this season with all of your support. That is not the case with many small bookstores throughout the region and country. If you live in one of those communities who have lost their independent bookstore, please consider making us that store for you. Writer Julie Bosman recently wrote this piece for the New York Times illustrating that customers and publishers alike are coming together to meet this challenge so that we can all go on enjoying our local booksellers and print books.   


Coming into our shop physically is not the only way you can support us. You can shop with us anytime! Our Online Store offers a very diverse selection of books, movies, music and eBooks. Yes, we said eBooks. If you have the instinct to go online first to buy your books, just change the address you type into your browser. Before you go to the big guys, stop by our site and see if we have what you're seeking. If you are unable to find what you're looking for on our site, call us as there is a good chance we can get it for you through other avenues. Finally, if you aren't much of an online shopper, you can simply give us a call and we'll be more than happy to find what you're looking for and ship it to you.


This very topic has been buzz throughout the nation recently. Author Richard Russo contributed an editorial piece to the New York Times this past Monday regarding "Amazon's Jungle Logic." Take a moment to read this - it's nice to see that even bestselling authors (who clearly make a great deal of their money from Amazon's sales) are fighting this battle with us.


All of that said - we are still hoping to see as many of you as we can over the holiday season and into the even quieter months of the year. There is nothing better than placing that perfect book into a customer's hands and discussing it. We love to meet our customers and get to know them. So please, whenever you're in town, stop in!


If you're in town this week, please stop by this Thursday, December 15th from 4-7pm. We'll have refreshments, promotions, and we will also be donating a portion of our sales that evening to the Bayfield Area Food Pantry along with many other businesses in town!


Happy reading,  

Apostle Islands Booksellers 

Upcoming events... 

Thursday, December 15th Bayfield Gives Back!   


The Bayfield Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau is challenging community members to buy local through a "Shift Your Shopping to Bayfield" campaign, while offering a meaningful incentive to sweeten the deal: Participating businesses will donate a portion of the evening's proceeds to the Bayfield Area Food Pantry and the Chamber will be matching the combined donations up to $1,000.


We will be participating in this evening's festivities and will be contributing a portion of our sales as well. Please consider buying your last minute holiday gifts locally this year, and know that you'll be helping a community give back at the same time. We are also thrilled to be welcoming Francie Austin Miller back again this year for watercolor demonstrations. France will be joining us from 4-7pm.   

What we're reading...

catherine the great cover image Catherine the Great       

by Robert K. Massie



Who says history can't be a page-turning and fully captivating read? Surely anyone who has read Robert K. Massie's Pulitzer Prize winning Peter the Great, Nicholas and Alexandra, and now his equally engaging Catherine the Great would laugh at that claim. Born into a German noble family in 1729, Catherine married the weak and feckless Peter in 1744 in Moscow. For 19 years she managed her puerile husband and his imperious aunt, the Empress Elizabeth. Peter was murdered and Catherine acceded to the throne in 1762. She ruled for 34 years with formidable skill and guile and was able to make some progress toward Enlightenment values despite the concerted opposition of the Russian nobility. Massie's narrative is vivid and animated and takes the reader deep into that remarkable time and place.


ISBN: 9780679456728

Published: Random House Inc.

Price: $35.00


lemon tree image cover The Lemon Tree       

by Sandy Tolan 


The subtitle of this fascinating book - An Arab, a Jew and the Heart of the Middle East - really captures the spirit of Tolan's account of a deep and complex friendship between a Palestinian Muslim Arab man and a Bulgarian Sephardic Jewish woman in the cauldron of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Bashir's family was driven from their home in Ramla in 1948. Dalia's family immigrated to the newly formed State of Israel shortly thereafter. Their initial encounter - just after the 1967 war - occurred at that very house into which Dalia's family had moved upon their arrival in Israel. Tolan's keen and uncompromising historical narrative unfolds through forty-odd years of the relationship between Bashir and Dalia. The story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a minefield for historians from the beginning. Tolan has been able to avoid many of its pitfalls by weaving the personal story of two of its protagonists into the narrative. A sobering, but exhilarating, read!


ISBN: 9781596913431

Published: Bloomsbury Pub Plc USA / St Martins Pr

Price: $17.00

A final thought...
France Austin Miller Image
We are very lucky to have such amazing artists living and working in Bayfield. Francie Austin Miller is just one. Her watercolors depict life in Bayfield and Lake Superior in a unique and beautiful way. This is one of Francie's holiday cards. There are five holiday cards in total available at our shop, and many other cards from which to choose as well.

Remember that Francie will be in our shop on Thursday, December 15th from 4-7pm, providing watercolor demonstrations.
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