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Improve lubrication reliability efforts starting today! May 31, 2011
Impact Your Bottom Line with the Right
Solutions for Grease & Application Tools
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Cool-running, long-lasting, water resistant grease
  • Dramatically lengthens grease intervals
  • Eliminates bearing failures
  • Can extend bearing life by up to threefold
  • Does not harden with age
  • Will not wash off, pound out or melt and run
  • Recommended for extended service applications
  • Ideal for on-and off-road equipment where high impact occurs, as well many in-plant applications
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Smart tool for 100% grease ID
  • Ensures 100% visual identification
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Enhances existing reliability program
  • Available in pistol grip, lever and battery-powered styles.
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Techni-Tip: Anti-Friction Bearing Lubrication  
  • A ball or roller bearing, in most applications, will have adequate lubrication if the grease level is at one-third to one-half the capacity of the housing space. A greater amount will be discharged and wasted.
  • Where low torque is a requirement, bearings may be lubricated with a very small amount of grease.
  • Where speed is very low and bearing is exposed to dirt or moisture, the bearing may be packed nearly full.
  • High speed and high temperature usually require more frequent greasing than normal.
  • Don't overfill bearings. The lubricant will ooze out of overfilled housing, collect dirt and cause trouble.
  • Too much lubricant can also cause overheating. This is particularly true of high-speed bearings.
  • Store grease in clean, covered containers.
  • Handle grease with clean paddles or grease guns.
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