Are you protecting your electric motors with the
right lubricant, application and procedures?

November 19, 2010

Electric Motor Facts

  • More than 70% of electricity consumed in industry comes from the use of electric motors, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Motor life depends on bearing life, and bearing life depends on proper lubrication.
  • Damaged bearings and other lubrication-related failures cause downtime.
  • Lubrication is essential to maintaining equipment.
  • The current prevailing choice for electric motor lubrication is polyurea grease.

Electric Motor Failures

  • More than 50% of electric motor failures are bearing related.
  • An estimated 95% of all bearing failures are premature.
  • Many of these failures are due to poor lubrication, over-lubrication or wrong lubricant selection.
LE's new polyurea grease prolongs life of
electric motors, won't bleed into windings
Introducing MonolecŪ Extend EM Grease (1282)

Designed specifically to protect electric motor bearings, LE’s new EP grease helps bearings run cooler and last longer. Its low oil separation characteristics ensure that it will not bleed into the motor’s windings. An NLGI 2 grease, it features superior mechanical stability, excellent pumpability and great rust, corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Other noteworthy features of Monolec 1282:

  • Increases efficiency of motor by decreasing drag
  • Provides long service life without any change in consistency
  • Resists heat and other extreme conditions
  • Provides superior water spray-off resistance
Smart tools make grease application foolproof
Today’s lubrication reliability smart tools help get the job done. Whether you lubricate manually or would prefer to save time with automatic lubricators, take a look at these tools offered by LE.

Clear Grease Guns prevent
costly cross-contamination

Clear Grease Guns from LE are the perfect companion to our new polyurea electric motor grease. Eliminate the guessing game and know you are applying the right grease 100% of the time. [Read more]

Perma lubricators ensure
precise, automatic greasing

Perma single point lubricators – filled with LE’s high-performance grease – protect equipment by delivering precise lubrication 24/7, replacing the need for time-consuming manual greasing.



Introducing perma NOVA, the first temperature-independent electrochemical lubrication system. Available prefilled with LE's industry-proven lubricants, exclusively from LE.

Reliability starts with onsite assessment

Protect equipment, reduce downtime, save money

Would you like to learn more about lubrication reliability and get an assessment of your current efforts? Are you interested in developing and implementing a reliability program at your facility? There’s no need to go at it alone when you can call on lubrication experts for help.


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