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May 2010


ALearn is well into its spring preparation for its summer programs, and this year we will be in a total of 11 school districts - nine for our middle school math program, and two for our AVID Bridge to high school programs. We are excited to have up to 1500 students enjoy a rigorous and fun college-track ALearn program this summer.

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Kathryn S. Hanson
CEO & Founder
Donor Updates

ALearn is delighted to have received support for a consecutive year from Applied Materials for our AVID Bridge Program at Overfelt High School, and from Rambus for our AVID Bridge program at Mountain View Los Altos High School District.


ALearn has been raising money jointly with our partners for our summer MAP SUTA program, and are pleased to have support from Hewlett Packard and National Semiconductor.

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Program Updates
Math Acceleration Program (MAP)

ALearn, with our partners, the Silicon Valley Education Foundation and the Hispanic Foundation, will engage ~ 1200 middle school students this summer in our 19-day intensive math program. MAP will provide the equivalent  of a half-year of math and enable many of our students to step up to the next level of math in the fall. Led by ALearn Director of Programs, Julie Cates, we are working with nine Districts in Santa Clara County this summer, helping students develop a deeper understanding of math concepts, improve their overall learning skills, and increase their motivation for and confidence in math. 

For this summer's program, we have hired 43 college students teaching assistants (TAs). Our TAs work side-by-side the credentialed teachers, helping  students one on one or in small groups, and acting as role models and mentors.   This year's TAs hail from Cal-Poly, Hampton University, National Hispanic University, Santa Clara University, SDSU, SFSU, SJSU, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, University of Guadalajara, and Wheaton.
Meet Katasha Blade, Teaching Assistant from Hampton University.

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"I want to be a teaching assistant for the MAP-SUTA middle school math acceleration program because I love children; I am studying to be an educator.  Our youth need motivation and individuals who care about their success and will assist them in school as well as everyday life.  I am a positive person and hope to inspire students to do well in math and try to the best of their ability in every avenue that they explore."   

AVID Bridge 

The Bridge program at Overfelt High of Eastside Union High School District will expand to serve many more students with a rigorous Algebra curriculum this summer. Since the model worked so well for AVID students last summer, the  Algebra I class will serve as many incoming freshman as are qualified this summer-up to 150 students. And ALearn is joined in this summer's program with many new partners: CalSOAP, Gear Up, and Project Inspire will all play roles in providing a comprehensive college-going culture for Overfelt's Bridge. Joe Albers will be in his second year as Director of the summer program.

The AVID Bridge program for the Mountain View Los Altos High School District will serve 50 students in its third year of operation. Michael Moul will again be the lead Teacher-Director, and the students will study intensive math (half of the students) or a combination of math/english (half of the students).

Under the leadership of Janet Pretti, Director of Development and Marketing, Zoomz will take on additional sophistication and engagement.  Zoomz  highlights a new Hero, Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent of PBS, on its site. Read about how  Ray  sees college as the transformative experience for immigrant families: The general site is 

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Field Trip to Santa Clara - SV

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Donor Updates
Program Updates
New Team Member
Personal Transformation
Board Updates
New Team Member

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ALearn is extremely happy to welcome a new member of our team, Encore Fellow Janet Pretti. Encore Fellowships are sponsored by Civic Ventures as a way for seasoned executives to transition to a non-profit career. Janet brings with her 20 years of experience at Hewlett Packard in sales and marketing positions, most recently as the VP for Channel Marketing. "We're delighted to have Janet's experience and talent to lead the team in Marketing and Development, as well as to lead the team for the Zoomz social network" noted CEO Kathryn Hanson.  

Pretti commented "I am so excited to join ALearn. I am eager to bring to ALearn my management experience as well as my passion to improve our local community by helping ensure more of our low income, minority students get to and through college. I look forward to contributing to the achievement of ALearn's mission as part of its leadership team."


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Personal Transformation: A Student's Reflection on her experience In MAP 2009:

"On the post test, I think I did super great. I felt really confident. Rational #'s are #'s that repeat or end they are fractions or decimals. In this module, I relearned how to add, subtract, divide & multiply (sic). I liked every single part of it. My confident in Math has change "A LOT"! Yes, I feel prepared for 7th grade Math. Probably I will take it again next summer. I like best the way I feel for math & knowing that Ms. Brown and Ms Jill trusted me.  I L O V E  M A T H !"

Board Updates
ALearn is very pleased to welcome another Board member, Frank Pisciuneri, Managing Director, Corporate Finance, at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). At SVB, Frank  provides financing and banking services to large, public and privately-held technology and life science companies. Prior to joining Silicon Valley Bank, Frank served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Finance at Wyse Technology Inc. He began his career with Deloitte & Touche and holds a B.S. in Business Administration from West Virginia University and is a Certified Public Accountant. ALearn will benefit from Frank's management experience, enthusiasm for education, and his financial expertise.