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The Federal Planning Agency for America's Capital

March 2010

Lessons From Vancouver
and Beyond: Contemporary Architecture and City Form

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It has been described as the most livable city in the world. Some were mesmerized by its beauty during last month's Winter Olympic Games. Does Vancouver's stunning design hold lessons for Washington, DC?

Join Larry Beasley, Vancouver's former Planning Director, and current consultant to cities worldwide, as he draws from the "Vancouver Experience" and applies this aproach to the nation's capital.
Hold the Date: May 18 . 6:30 PM
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April 1, 2010 . 12:30 PM
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Accepting Federal Capital Improvements Proposals
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On March 10, Dr. Kirk Savage, author of the acclaimed book Monument Wars, provided a compelling discussion on the birth of commemoration in America and the evolution of the National Mall as the nation's premiere commemorative landscape. NCPC co-hosted the event with the Smithsonian American Art Museum. NCPC Chairman Preston Bryant kicked off the program with an introduction to Washington as Commemoration, a joint study by the National Capital Planning Commission and the National Park Service to inventory DC's existing commemorations and themes. Early feedback from audience members who responded to a brief questionnaire shows that people are most interested in future commemorative works featuring the arts, America's cultural diversity, and the sciences.
National Mall Plan Artwork
Commission Applauds Mall Plan

With its stunning vistas, inspiring monuments, and sacred ground, the National Mall commemorates more than 200 years of American history. To prepare for its future, NCPC reviewed the National Park Service's draft National Mall Plan at its March meeting. Commission alternate, Bradley Provancha, representing the Department of Defense, declared the approach award worthy, "a world-class plan for a world-class capital city." The Park Service anticipates bringing the final Plan before the Commission in fall 2010.
Guiding a Path Through the Federal Triangle

To advance one of the Monumental Core Framework Plan's proposals, NCPC staff hired Cultural Tourism DC, and partnered with GSA and the government agencies located in the Federal Triangle, to produce an Assessment Study for a future cultural heritage trail. The study received high praise from the Commission, and GSA indicated interest in making this proposal a reality. Once established, the self-guided walking tour will commemorate the art, architecture, history, and governmental functions within the Federal Triangle by celebrating its people and highlighting the events that contributed to this distinct federal precinct. Complementing an existing network of heritage trails in the city, the Federal Walk will be identified via physical information boards, interpretive maps, brochures, historic photographs, and audio tours available for download.