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The Official BAKER Install Team   
The Official BAKER Drivetrain Installation Team is heading to Sturgis!  Don't miss this opportunity to have the smoothest, most efficient transmission installed in your bike!  Call 1-877-640-2004 to reserve your spot today.
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See Bert Baker install the DD6 and OD6 transmission in this BAKER Drivetrain Special Video Premier.  The video features interviews with owners Bert and Lisa Baker, Install Footage, Lifestyle, Attitude and more!  If you like part 1 be sure to checkout part 2.  

(Featuring 5-speed removal procedure, Baker history, OD6 and DD6 explained.)

(Featuring DD6 installation, OD6 installation, Made in America excerpt and interview with Bert Baker)  
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Sturgis Rally, Sturgis, SD - August 4 - 12 


The Smoke-Down Showdown begins on Wednesday August 8th - at Dusk, at the Thunderdome. Come stand in the pits and watch the sky for our burnout ramp high in the air above your heads. Feel the energy and witness the chaos as a Baker's Dozen (13) of your favorite industry builders, tv personalities and celebrity musicians go head-to-head in a drag style burnout competition that will leave only one man standing victorious in the end!


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 "Lost sight of the American dream?  Our forefathers gave birth to the industrial revolution, achieved global manufacturing dominance, and fought 5+ wars last century to propagate the American dream and keep it alive.  Does the phrase "Buy American" sound corny to you?  If it does then hop on your bicycle and head down to the dollar store or mega retailer to buy some more Chinese shit to further undermine the American manufacturing machine.  If "Buy American" means something to you, then please don't piss away the beautiful gift our forefathers gave us.  Buy American and spread the word.  OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!"

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