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Issue 17November, 2011
Merry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas From BAKER Drivetrain

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School of Drivetrain
A few years back we introduced the 21 tooth compensating sprocket for 1990-2006 Big Twins which delivers 19% more torque to the rear wheel by increasing the overall drive ratio. Hands down, it is the easiest and most inexpensive way to increase performance with no change in dependability. Compared to stock, more here.
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February 4-6, V-twin Expo Cincinnati, OH

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For the past three month's we've been hard at work constructing a new and improved website designed to better serve our customers.  If you have any photos of your bike, with a BAKER product installed on it, and would like to be featured on the new site, please send them to The new site will be unveiled in January of 2012.  You can check out a sneak peak of what to expect here.

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With the holidays upon us, one thing is certain...the BAKER facebook page is going to be rocking!  Trust us; you're not going to want to miss a second of the action.  Our daily fun posts, videos, sweepstakes and holiday giveaways are sure to keep you entertained.  We just gave away a $1,000 Black Friday Shopping spree and there's plenty more in store!  Visit the BAKER facebook page and "like" us today.


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