SunEye 100 support life ending



The original SunEye 100 product line was introduced in 2006, and repair parts are becoming unavailable. Here is an update on Solmetric's support and repair capabilities for the original SunEye Model 100 and its successor the Model 110.


The SunEye 100 support life is ending this month. At the end of March 2012, repairs will no longer be supported. Replacement is recommended, either with the newer SunEye Model 210 or a refurbished SunEye 110 (see below).


The SunEye 110 support life will be ending July 31, 2012. At that time, repairs will no longer be supported.  Replacement is recommended, either with the newer SunEye Model 210 or a refurbished SunEye 110 (see below).


Refurbished SunEye 100/110 units are available for $995 plus tax and shipping, while supplies last. Please click here for additional information.


SunEye 210 Trade-in program is ending soon

The SunEye Trade-In program will end April 30, 2012.  Trade in your SunEye 100/110 toward a SunEye 210, and receive a $400 trade-in credit.  This enables you to take advantage of the 210's upgraded capabilities, including:

  • Integrated electronics with built-in compass, inclinometer, and optional GPSSunEye 210
  • One-handed operation for more flexibility on rooftops
  • Live survey mode where sunpaths adjust as you preview the site
  • Longer battery life
  • "Target" mode for measurements on metal roofs

For more information, please click here


SolarPro Article describes trends in residential site measurements 
A new article in the April/May 2012 issue of SolarPro Magazine describes trends and developments in residential site evaluation. With new technologies available and more pressure on balancing risk and cost of sales, leading
SolarProNewDevinstallers and financing companies are using aerial images from Google and Bing, followed by on-site measurement to ensure accurate predictions of solar energy production. Please see the SolarPro Magazine website or download a copy at the Solmetric web page
Free webinars: Shade measurements to Commissioning and Troubleshooting


Please join one of our free webinars next week Tuesday through Thursday March 6th to 8th. A description is shown below. To sign up, please click here.


New tools for PV Array Commissioning and Troubleshooting

 Thursday, April 5th, 2012, 10:00 AM PDT

PVA-600 field measurements of I-V curves


This session includes the following topics:
  • Introduction to I-V curves
  • Introduction to the Solmetric PV Analyzer, with live demo
  • Using built-in performance predictions to check measurement results
  • Procedure for commissioning new PV arrays
  • I-V curves of various performance impairments
  • Automated analysis of test data from large PV installations
  • NEW: Insulation testing with the Megger (R) MIT430 insulation tester


Shade measurement tips and techniques

 Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012, 10:00 AM PDT


Topics include:
  • Fundamentals of sun paths
  • Effects of shading on energy production
  • Introducing the SunEye 210
  • Measurement techniques
  • Using the Solmetric SunEye
  • Common requirements for US state rebates

Getting Started with Solmetric PV Designer
This webinar is a one hour introduction to the Solmetric PV Designer software as well as an overview of the latest features. It will include the following topics:
  • Installing the software
  • Creating a design
  • Using Arbitrary Roof Shapes and On Roof Obstructions
  • Using SunEye shade measurements
  • Viewing the results


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