New features coming for PVA-600




New software enhancements are on the way for the PVA-600 PV Analyzer, the electrical test solution for PV array commissioning and troubleshooting. The Version 2.0 features will be available in April, and existing users can upgrade to the new functionality at no additional cost. 






PVA Version 2.0 Array Tree
The new Array Navigator provides an interactive visual representation of the PV array, and simplifies storage and management of measurement results. The Version 2.0 software guides the user in setting up the array and the PV model used to evaluate measurement results. 


In addition, measured I-V curves will be translated to STC conditions for comparison with module data sheets. With the companion Megger® MIT-430 Insulation Resistance Tester, now available through Solmetric, the PVA software enables the user to enter resistance test data and save it in the same array structure as the I-V measurement data.  


Also note that the price of the PVA-600 PV Analyzer will increase to $2,995 from $2,595, effective April 1.



Free webinars: Shade measurements to Commissioning and Troubleshooting


Please join one of our free webinars next week Tuesday through Thursday March 6th to 8th. A description is shown below. To sign up, please click here.


New tools for PV Array Commissioning and Troubleshooting

 Thursday, March 8th, 2012, 10:00 AM PST

PVA-600 field measurements of I-V curves


This session includes the following topics:
  • Introduction to I-V curves
  • Introduction to the Solmetric PV Analyzer, with live demo
  • Using built-in performance predictions to check measurement results
  • Procedure for commissioning new PV arrays
  • I-V curves of various performance impairments
  • Automated analysis of test data from large PV installations
  • NEW: Insulation testing with the Megger (R) MIT430 insulation tester


Shade measurement tips and techniques

 Tuesday, March 6th, 2012, 10:00 AM PST


Topics include:
  • Fundamentals of sun paths
  • Effects of shading on energy production
  • Introducing the SunEye 210
  • Measurement techniques
  • Using the Solmetric SunEye
  • Common requirements for US state rebates

Getting Started with Solmetric PV Designer
This webinar is a one hour introduction to the Solmetric PV Designer software as well as an overview of the latest features. It will include the following topics:
  • Installing the software
  • Creating a design
  • Using Arbitrary Roof Shapes and On Roof Obstructions
  • Using SunEye shade measurements
  • Viewing the results


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