New Solmetric SunEye Extension Kit Enables Shade Measurements in Hard-to-Reach Places

In many situations, shade measurements are needed but you cannot get yourself into the right position, for example: 
  • Roof access is difficult, unsafe, or not allowed
  • The proposed solar structure is not yet built, eg. parking lot cover

Solmetric is now shipping a solution for this challenge. The SunEye Extension Kit enables accurate measurements with a SunEye 210 up to 17.7  feet (5.4 meters) above ground level. It consists of a telescoping extension pole with a plate at the top to hold and protect the SunEye. The full assembly is lightweight, rugged, non-conductive, and collapses to a length of 4.9 feet (1.5 meters) for easy transport and storage.

When using the Extension Kit, SunEye skylines are captured by rotation of the pole combined with audio feedback from the SunEye. The SunEye automatically corrects for compass heading and tilt using inputs from the on-board sensors.

Note, the Extension Kit is not compatible with the SunEye 100 or 110 series. However, Solmetric is offering a special discount of $50 on the Extension Kit when purchased with a new SunEye 210. This bundle can also be combined with our trade-in program in which we give $400-$600  credit for a SunEye 100 or 110.
View a video of the SunEye Extension Kit in action here:
SunEye software version 4.55 is required for Extension Kit operation. In addition to supporting Extension Kit mode, this software version also has the following:
  • Easier alignment. With a powerful "auto-correction" feature, skylines are adjusted for the tilt and compass heading of the SunEye device at the time the image is captured. Until now, holding the SunEye precisely south and level was critical; now you can make quick one-handed measurements even if your hand is a little unsteady and get the same accurate results.
  • Quick Capture mode. In this mode, the image processing for each skyline is delayed until later so that readings can be captured in rapid succession.
  • Target Mode. Make accurate measurements even when there is compass interference from a metal roof or other iron nearby.
  • Map out "shade free" zones quickly on a roof, by using Live Survey Mode and "windows" to view data within a start and stop time/month interval.

See the downloads page for more information.


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