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Solmetric SunEye 210 Release 
Dear Solmetric Customer,
Solmetric Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Solmetric SunEye 210, the newest version of the SunEye.  The SunEye 210 represents the next generation for solar energy professionals doing site evaluation and energy production estimates.  The SunEye 210 is an integrated Shade Analysis Tool for solar site assessment. It includes a fisheye lens on a digital camera and a dedicated on-board processor to perform digital image processing and analysis to compute shading and solar access percentages.

The Solmetric SunEye 210 builds on the strengths of the popular SunEye 110 and includes many new and exciting features.  The SunEye 210 comes in a new rugged package, enabling one-handed operation and improved user control. It includes the convenience of an integrated electronic inclinometer, compass and GPS. The SunEye 210 features a live preview mode where the sun paths adapt to the position of the instrument, giving instant feedback on solar access. The SunEye 210 has a high-brightness, high-resolution screen and significantly extended battery life.
The SunEye 210 is available with an integrated GPS for $2195 or $1995 without the GPS.  Please visit for information on the SunEye 210 or to order.


Data from the SunEye 210 (as well as from the original SunEye 110) can be imported directly into the newly released Solmetric PV Designer Software. This new software enables you to drag-and-drop solar PV modules onto a roof surface, indicate the specific locations where shade measurements were made, and calculate the AC electrical energy production for your system. Results account for the impact of partial shading of modules by interpolating the shade from individual SunEye measurements to all locations on the roof plane. An example screenshot is shown below. The software is designed for residential and smaller commercial systems of 15 kW or less. More information on PV Designer is available at
Feel free to contact us by email at or phone at 1-707-823-4600 or toll free in the US at 877-263-5026.
The Solmetric Team