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Welcome back. Thank you for stopping by.

Sending out my wishes for a very Happy Father's Day.  It is a day to remember, acknowledge and thank the special men that have left their footprints in your life and heart. 

The gifts that come from the lessons learned and the legacy they leave behind are priceless. Thank you! 


I speak about footprints and leaving a legacy in the lives of future generations and on the planet in my latest feature article on pages 18 & 19 in  Evolving Magazine June 2012  issue.  


Evolving: A Guide for Conscious Living  is a Kansas City publication.  The theme of this month's magazine is Making a Difference in Community   


Distance coaching sessions are done via phone or Skype.  


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Simple Pleasures  Wizard of Oz 

"Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories."~ Cathy Allen

I believe that it's true. Everyday there is an opportunity to stop and acknowledge how many wonderful things are present in our lives at all times.  It is so automatic to look outside of that simple fact and focus on the things that aren't going the way we were attached to them happening. 

Practicing stepping back and letting go of the attachment of what you thought it was supposed to look like will allow you to experience simple pleasures. If you are willing to accept that it is impossible to control, fix or manipulate the universe or the happenings within it you are more likely to be able to choose peace and possibilities in the midst of your life situations. That requires intention and practice.

I have taught hundreds of people to learn to relax into the fact that you can choose to interact differently with the events of your life. First you have to be open and willing to have a different relationship with yourself and the events in your life.

Time to practice. Right where you are, regardless of what is going on, take a deep breath with the intention to notice you have the power to shift your thoughts! This isn't some hokey trick, it is a gift that you had all along just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. It's time to stop looking outside of ourselves for answers or solutions that can only be sourced from deep inside our heart and souls.


So, if you are still with me, follow along this yellow brick road. I said breathe really deep and intentionally. Notice how your attention goes inward.  You cannot focus on two things at one time.  Over time, as you practice, you will notice how, when and where your attention shifts.  What you focus on will be magnified. It is not an avoidance of the situations in your life. It is actually a way to step away from the magnitude of it so you can observe it from a less threatening or fearful place.


As you step back, new thoughts enter. Once a less than desirable place, you find compassion and acceptance for what you are doing and noticing about the situation. You take on a different relationship with the issue. You move from a belief of there is nothing I can do here to a mindset of what can I learn about me or the situation.  


The good news is that if you really listen, you will meet your fears, limiting beliefs, attachments and stories about the situation. You will see that those filters are the real obstacle, not the situation or life event. When you work more on the filters and the internal clutter that tend to magnify a situation, you will find that worry and stress are diminished.   


So, click your heels and repeat after me, "there's no place like home". Home is your internal world, the real place where your reality is created about all life situations.  When you change the perspective, you change your reality.  


Contact me at 985-860-8861 or denise@empoweringpotential.com to partner with you in co-creating your guided action plan towards peace, power and possibilities.   


Does Your Business Need a Boost?    

Are you satisfied with your bottom line, employee performance and client retention?

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Empowering Potential is a professional coaching and consulting business.  We provide real life solutions for real life situations. Partnering with Empowering Potential brings clarity, focus and effectiveness to situations that otherwise might seem overwhelming, costly or time consuming. Too many companies waste valuable time, energy, effort and money covering up or avoiding what's not working.  If you are open to coaching and serious about being a leader in your industry, we will be with you every step of the way.  

We work hands on with you to design and implement action oriented methods to increase your bottom line, create teamwork, develop leaders and inspire an environment and culture of  professionalism, customer service, integrity and overall business well-being. 

Services: Coaching, consulting, workshop facilitation, business evaluation and project design

Set up your complimentary interview with Denise Palmisano at 985-860-8861 or denise@empoweringpotential.com today to determine the topics and programs that would be best suited for your company or organizational needs.


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