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Welcome back. I hope all is well and that you are soaking up the sun and fun now available to you.

Lots shifting here at Empowering Potential and you will be the first to know as it all unfolds. Keep checking the left hand column for updates and details of upcoming events and media coverage.


In the meantime, check out my feature article on pages 18 & 19 in  Evolving Magazine June 2012  issue.  


Evolving: A Guide for Conscious Living  is a Kansas City publication.  The theme of this month's magazine is Making a Difference in Community   


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Low Hanging Fruit  

Have you ever heard that phrase, low hanging fruit?  

For today I will borrow the concept to suggest that for this time of year it is a perfect context to remind us that amazing experiences and outcomes are within our reach and available to us in this moment, regardless of our current life situations.    


When we open our eyes to what is available right here, right now, instead of putting our solutions far out into the future or on hold indefinitely, we are better able to slow down, get present and take responsibility to move through the overwhelm, chaos and confusion that often follows an idea, goal, dream, desire or imposed life situation. 


Our fast paced lifestyle has trained us to not pay attention, ignore what is not comfortable, overlook possibilities, belittle our talents and skills, react instead of respond, travel the path of least resistance, rely on a limited set of qualities or resources all the while expecting fast, cheap and effortless results.   Hmmmmm.


Is it any wonder that it seems that what we want seems so far out of our grasp? 


What if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way?


If you are willing to put your attention on the low hanging fruit instead of what is currently out of your reach to shift, change or enhance your current situations, you will be better able to reclaim your peace, power and possibilities in current and future situations.


Often times the situations or people that we most avoid, resist or judge are our low hanging fruit and must be taken care of in order for us to learn and grow while moving through anything that we assess is holding us back. When we meet life rather than resist it, we step into the natural flow of life and the universe. Each person and situation is here for you to experience a fuller expression of yourself and your wholeness. Look no further than what or whom you are avoiding or resisting to see what is holding you back in life.  The next step on your journey will be illuminated.

You know what I am talking about. Those situations or people that are heavy in your thoughts and wearing you out emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually are like the low hanging, ripe fruit on a tree. The unattended fruit will fall and become toxic compost for the tree of your life.

What low hanging fruit is calling for your attention right now? What or whom are you overlooking, avoiding, resisting, judging?

Are you fertilizing your tree of life with toxic compost of addictions, limiting beliefs, grudges, unhealed conversations, ineffective actions, unhealthy relationships, misguided interpretations of your current situations or a lack of integrity?

Remember, your roots create your fruits!

What lessons, action steps, structure, plan, support or accountability can you put in place to take responsibility for the condition of the low hanging fruit on the tree of your life.


What will be the results in your emotional, physical, financial or spiritual well-being when you pay attention to the low hanging fruit and take those small, consistent and immediate actions to move through your current situations? 


Contact me at 985-860-8861 or denise@empoweringpotential.com to partner with you in co-creating your guided action plan towards peace, power and possibilities.  




Does Your Business Need a Boost?    

Are you satisfied with your bottom line, employee performance and client retention?

Are you leading or getting left behind in your industry?

Empowering Potential is a professional coaching and consulting business.  We provide real life solutions for real life situations. Partnering with Empowering Potential brings clarity, focus and effectiveness to situations that otherwise might seem overwhelming, costly or time consuming. Too many companies waste valuable time, energy, effort and money covering up or avoiding what's not working.  If you are open to coaching and serious about being a leader in your industry, we will be with you every step of the way.  

We work hands on with you to design and implement action oriented methods to increase your bottom line, create teamwork, develop leaders and inspire an environment and culture of  professionalism, customer service, integrity and overall business well-being. 

Services: Coaching, consulting, workshop facilitation, business evaluation and project design

Set up your complimentary interview with Denise Palmisano at 985-860-8861 or denise@empoweringpotential.com today to determine the topics and programs that would be best suited for your company or organizational needs.


YOU HAVE THE POWER  to reinvent yourself moment by moment. ARE YOU READY to experience how good it could really be -TO BE YOU?   



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